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Daily Devotion Patch 5.2

Hey guys, I wanted to make and share a short little post about Daily Devotion which has been updated in Wartune patch 5.2 where we don’t have to mindlessly spin wheels but can simply collect rewards based on achieved points. Plus the rewards themselves were revamped, so here I wanted to make visible what is our 30 day / 1 month income just from devotion. So, assuming one manages to get to 115 daily we have:

Rewards Quantity per day Quantity per month
Gold 200,000 6,000,000
Daru 100,000 3,000,000
11 Roses 11 Roses 330 Roses
Level 5 Luck Stone 1 30
Refinement Lock 1 30
Level 3-5 Gem Pack 1 30
Mount Training Whips 10 300
Fashion Core 1 30

For my character most of these items are just extra little bits and pieces, but I very much welcome the 30 Fashion Cores, which will help me get some of my long waiting clothing synthesis done, so I am happy about this change. How about you guys – do you think this was a good improvement or you expected a lot more?

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  1. Really glad for the fashion cores. With spire nm, it may be a golden age for fashion cores 😀

  2. nice, i love clothes/wings in game, so i’m happy for fashion cores.

  3. I dont see the new poker game around where is it ?

    • Seems it will be like golden road event. a spending game. not sure when it will open thou

  4. Definitely glad to see the daily cores, but even still.. good luck charms are equally important, and much more rare. Other than clothing shard exchange what’s the best strategy to collect them??

    • so far iv seen only shard event as a source :/

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