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Collecting Data for Reports – 1st Forms Ready

Hey guys, I’m always thinking what more I can do for you, so I started creating forms for collecting data with which I can create more reports for you.

I have finished preparing the forms listed below, so if you can help just input what drops you get from your chests and I will consolidate / analyze / prepare report from my side.

  • Note 1) stupid inputs will be ignored/deleted
  • Note 2) in some forms you need enough chests to have at least 1 of each drop so gather a bunch before you open

Magic Inn Drops Collection

[Exquisite Chest] Speed Clearance Drops Collection

[Plain Chest] Speed Clearance Drops Collection

[Ragged Chest] Speed Clearance Drops Collection

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  1. This is a good idea, but instead of requiring at least one of each drop, maybe consider requiring a specific number (e.g. 50 or 100) because it may skew results if you force people to keep opening chests until they find a particular drop.

    • Hi Epi, thank you, there is no function in the forms to set a minimum so i did the next best thing which is requiring an answer, but i do hope that people will do what’s “easy” and just gather a bunch like 50+ and then open instead of few at a time or so
      Thanks, Cosmos

  2. So how many chests do I have to open?

    • Hi, depends which chest you are referring to, but basically the more the merrier

  3. Do you guys still test game mechanics and such? If so I have a theory you can test… A bunch of people insisted to me that they did more damage to WB when they used BD with 50% damage buff rather then BO with 50% damage debuff, and after some testing it might be true, my theory is that %’s are always added last.

    ie. 200 damage vs 50def (2dmg red. per def) = 100 dmg
    200+50% – 100 = 200
    (200 – 100)+50% = 150

    If this is true it means buffs on yourself is hugely more effective then debuffs on enemies and it also means debuffing enemy damage done is hugely more effective then buffing your self with (%)defense

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