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1st Success in Battle Grounds

Hey guys, after soooo many times of getting my butt whipped in the battle grounds today I had my 1st success. There were 3 main factors why it was good today:

  • Only ~4 strong enemies who I avoided like the plague
  • I looked in the beginning at the BR of most enemies and remembered who are the weak ones and kept on chasing after those
  • And last but not the least i leveled up my guild skills attack to level 10 and generally got a little stronger and started using brutality rune with my whirl wind to clean up templars faster.

So all the 3 things above + me getting stronger led to success today, which I am pretty happy about as long time i was just losing honor.

An interesting question is if i can keep doing this and I think not, because most of the time there are quite a lot of powerful enemies out there, but i will certainly try.

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