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Level 72 and Data Gathering for Wartune Reports

Hey guys, first up just before class wars I leveled up to 72 so here is the picture 🙂

So now that this is out of the way 🙂 I wanna talk about making some cool reports on Wartune like I already did in the past, but I wanna crank it up to a higher level, so I have added a Contact Form on the right hand side through which you can contact me and so I wanna ask everyone who is willing to share data by sending it to me and with a lot of data I can make nice Wartune reports for everyone.

The kind of stuff which could be interesting:

  • Drops from the new Tower of Kings dungeons (please specify which kind of chests you are talking about and what you got in it)
  • Spins from the Wheel of Fate – how many stones you got from how many spins?
  • And any other chest or box or treasure that you may have gotten your hands on in Wartune or anything else you might want to have a report on

Send me:

  • Your name so I can give you credit (or the name you wish me to use)
  • What thing you are opening and how many?
  • What was in it?
Would be great to get many in 1 email rather than 100 emails with 1 in each 🙂 Try not to overload me.
And in case if you are having issues with the contact form my email is lavashgames @ g m a I l . com

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