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Calculation for Paper Dragons

Hi everyone! In this post we talk about & calculate quantities of Paper Dragons which are required for mount trades (as requested by Klattuu Stormwall S329 and other players). Below I put again the picture collage I posted previously for reference regarding Paper Dragons, Paper Fish and event items. However, please note that an important part is not visible on the picture – the maximums, which I will use in the calculations below.

Paper Dragon trades calculation:

  • On the top exchange we can convert 500 Night Lanterns  into 1 Paper Dragon  with a maximum of 4, making it 2000 into 4 Paper Dragons
  • On the 2nd exchange we can convert 2 Night Lanterns  into 1 Paper Fish  with a maximum of 1000 trades, so 2000 into 1000 Paper Fish
  • Then 500 Paper Fish  can be converted into 1 Paper Dragon  unlimited times. So the above 2000 lanterns can be converted into 2 Paper Dragons.
  • That makes it a total of 4000 Night Lanterns into 6 Paper Dragons. A little bit crazy 🙂

But how many Night Lanterns can we earn? We actually don’t have an answer to that because one important element is missing. So I will try to answer this in 2 parts:

Current Lanterns

At this moment the event still has 9 days to go and my character has gathered around 500 Lanterns already from all the gift piles and events.

Furthermore, from  Devil Orb Exchange #1 we can exchange 99 event chests into 990 more Lanterns.

So estimated around 2000-3000 Lanterns should be possible to gather as things are now, however:

Possible upcoming:

As this event is running through 2 cycles of exchanges we will, most likely, get another 99 chest –> mini-item exchange (unless they do again 1000 instead of 99). That means we can expect another 990 Lanterns trade possibility in roughly 4-5 days time. Naturally assuming you have saved up Devil Orbs for it.

So all of the above comes up to:

  • Around 1500 from events/piles over duration of about 14 days
  • + 990 from Exchange #1A
  • + 990 from Exchange #1B
  • = 3480 Night Lanterns estimate which will be then around 5 Paper Dragons (6 with more luck and/or if 1000x exchange #1B)

Paper Fish drops

Then via Lucky Exchange there is a possibility to get a Paper Fish from every Devil Orb.

Since the drop rate is 100%, then for 500 Fish (which is = 1 Paper Dragon) we just need to open 500 Devil Orbs. If we want to achieve 7 Paper Dragons then we will need 7 x 500 event chests = 3500 Devil Orbs, which certainly looks like a big number but since we are in the Sylph Upgrade cycle active Wartune players should be able to gather certainly more than 1k event chests and possible the 2k, but probably not 3.5k chests.

So another 2-4 Paper Dragons can be produced as a bi-product of Devil Orb Lucky Exchange (naturally any cashing will yield more event chests).

In Conclusion:

  • In total this comes out to estimated 7-10 Paper Dragons (the active player free way), which is certainly enough for a Clothing set trade or Polishing Orbs but not enough for a Mount trade.
  • Cashers should be able to achieve the 12-15 Paper Dragons although that would require additional 2500 event chests at least from cashing.
  • If a 1000 chest –> lantern exchange comes that will not help much for this purpose because there is a limit on converting Lanterns.
  • Only exception for non-cashers is if some other Wartune event comes allowing players to earn more Paper Fish (Devil Orbs) or Paper Dragons.

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  1. This kind of exchange is insane. Possibly next event cycle will contain gem systhesis and gem master which we wont be able to get that much devil orb. It seems that these mounts for people that chash into it.

    Of course element of surprise can change all calculations but dont count on it.

    Overall I hate this cycle of events for free players.

  2. as free player I have all these clothing sets for paper dragons so can exchange only for polishing orbs…greedy R2

    • well clothing can also be engulfed to increase level even if you have the design, but ya Polishing Orbs are useful as well

  3. Before season end for Imperial War i could like (aka facebook wartune) to split from R2Games and Gamerocks because they did had server transfer and facebook wartune not have so… time to split R2Games & Gamerocks out of our facebook wartune… thank you

  4. Thanks for an excellent post Cosmos

    • 🙂

  5. Is there an event for blood of zeus, like the mahra/sepulcrum event (for example “spend 100 b.o.z to get 30 extra)?

    • yes there is, if you just search for it on the search box on top right of the blog you should see all previous events

  6. I need 300 emblems to merge hercules and cerberus. The online rewards already gave me 60. How long will they last for? Would really appreciate an answer as I need to know if i only have to buy 200 emblems from event rather than 300.

    • hi, emblems to do expire, you can gather them slowly for free or exchange little by little until you have enough

  7. hi, 2 clothing sets can get easyly but difficult to get a mount as a free player.,,,:)

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