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Bird and Panda Discuss: Tattoo Goals

Hey you guys, I used to do more “game strategy” blog posts than I have in recent history and would like to get into them again. As I was thinking about this, I was chatting with someone I talk to a lot about the game — my buddy and guildie, Robin7 (who I affectionately call “bird”). She’s a very prudent and insightful archer that I bounce my thoughts off of quite often. This got me thinking to share snippets of our conversations together (yes, I asked her for permission…) as inspiration to get myself and all of you thinking and sharing ideas about various game topics in a new DolyGames blog series, “Bird and Panda Discuss”. Without further ado, today we’re on the topic of the new Tattoo system.

Bird and I both agree that aside from increasing the quality of tattoos, our endgame priority is to have all our tattoos add Intelligence/Strength (class-dependent) and subtract Charisma (troop count). This may be a pretty straightforward idea to many players, but I think there are others that die quickly in PvP and feel like their survival stats (HP/Endurance and Defense) are too low that they’re willing to give up attack to gain health and defense. The most common places I’ve seen people sacrifice attack for health and defense are gems and mount training choice, but I see the tattoo system as another place people may end up with this issue.

What We Know So Far

From what I can tell of the tattoo system so far, this is what we can be pretty certain of:

  • Each tattoo adds to one stat and subtracts from another
  • The available stat types are: Intelligence, Strength, Defense, Endurance, and Charisma
  • The name of the tattoo (“Defense Tattoo,” “Charisma Tattoo,” etc.) indicates which stat will increase
  • Regardless of the increased stat, the stat that is decreased can be ANY of the other stats
  • Like gear refinements, each tattoo “cleanse” guarantees equal or improved quality of the stat increased (so if at +2, the next cleanse will give +2 or better), but the type of stat may change

What to Increase, What to Decrease

Since all stat combinations are possible, there are a lot of pairings to consider. Here’s how I’d prioritize the stats (for a mage. archers and knights should flip Intelligence and Strength):

  1. Intelligence
  2. Defense
  3. Endurance
  4. Strength
  5. Charisma

As an easy rule, particularly during these earlier days of the new patch when nobody has enough henna to max them out yet, as long as the +stat is higher priority than the -stat, it’s probably good enough to keep.

It may be worth noting that the reason why bird and I, and many others, would rather subtract Charisma than Strength or Intelligence, is because they contain some defense in them (at a 4 MATK/PATK to 1 MDEF/PDEF ratio).

To Hoard Henna or Not to Hoard Henna?

That is the question. Not really though, since you should always save up your materials for events. Clearly I used some Henna early on to get a few stats, but I’ve now started to save Henna, and encourage others to as well. Knowing Wartune’s tendency to make events for refining, upgrading, and enchanting using an assortment of other materials, there’s a very good chance they will make one for cleansing tattoos or consuming Henna.

Advanced Henna

I don’t have any Advanced Henna stuff to try out yet, but if I did, I’d still probably wait until I’ve hit the cap for tattoos using regular Henna first. In the Tattoo Cleansing page, there’s some text saying “Tattoo: Increasable stats 1~10” and “Expert Tattoo: Increasable stats 21-40”. This seems pretty vague, but from what I understand from the forums, it means that normal Henna will increase that stat of your tattoo by 1 to 10 points, and Advanced Henna will increase your tattoo’s stat by 21 to 40 points. Some people have Expert Tattoos already, but I’m uncertain if they can use normal Henna on those tattoos once they’ve used Advanced Henna on them. Waiting until at least one of your normal tattoos is capped is probably the safest bet.

VIDEO: Wartune Advice – Bird and Panda Discuss | Tattoo Goals

Check out the video where I discuss this topic 🙂

Discuss with Us!

What do you guys think of the new Tattoo and Henna features? Have any questions for myself or bird? Comment below!

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  1. Don’t know if you covered it, but the +/- stats gets higher and better per refine, not only in number alone. For example your first refine can be +5 -9, while your 3 might be +20 -18 and 4th +27 -15 and 5th +37 -22. So seems the more you refine a tattoo, the more “positive” stats you get compared to “negative” stats(it seems to me).

    • Very nice points. I thought that it was somewhat implied that the stats will only increase with cleanses, but even though I knew it, I forgot to mention that the ratio between positive and negative stats improves as you go on. Thanks!

  2. so , as a mage i should trade Charisma for Intelligence and Strength for Defense &
    Endurance ???

    • Those would all work. Really you can give up charisma and strength for intel, def and end and it will be a character improvement.

      • thank you

      • best for all classes s decreasing just charisma (troop count) intelligence or strenght s good choose too but not best cause u getting slightly small def bonus for example intelligence 4 matk and 1 mdef stat I know it s not much and u can ignore it tho but if u trying to do highest br u should not ignore this 🙂

  3. any idea how high the normal tattoo + stat goes to?

  4. you can use henna on a expert tattoo

  5. you can use advanced henna on a “normal” tattoo, there is no such thing as an advanced or expert tattoo, its just how much the stats increase, so far on our server one guys has just broken +150 on the top stat. It is my belief you should take every cleanse if the top stat goes up, cuz the next one will add to that. dont worry about what attribute your tatoo is when its low, if a tattoo goes to 150-160, my bet is the cap is not till 999 per tattoo, and who knows how high it may go….

  6. CommentPoint tattoo how to become a knight ?

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