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5th Anniversary Gift Pile Drop Rate Analysis

Hey everyone, in this article I share with you the data and chart I prepared showing the drop rates and items of the 5th Anniversary Gifts in Cloud City in Wartune. I also want to thank Clone20 for sending me 100 data points.

5th Anniversary Gift Data Table

In the table below I share all the collected data, i.e. the items dropped, the quantities which add up to a total of 457 gift piles and the calculation of the percentage out of the total.

Item # Drops % Drops
10 Hellish Flame 10 2.2%
Level 2 HP Divinity Soul 12 2.6%
20 Advanced Mahra 14 3.1%
Level 2 HP Diamond 16 3.5%
10 Golden Sand 20 4.4%
10 Dragon Blood Stone 21 4.6%
20 Advanced Sepulcrum 23 5.0%
3 Bound Balens 29 6.3%
50 Advanced Henna 36 7.9%
Flag of Order 64 14.0%
1 Sack of Gold (100k) 68 14.9%
50 Henna 144 31.5%
TOTAL 457 100.0%

5th Anniversary Gift Chart Illustration of Results

Charts are always nicer to visually understand the data / results better, so here is the chart i prepared for you:

About Results

About a 1/3rd of the time you should expect to receive 50 Henna. This is still a very nice item for anyone who has below 2000 level on their tattoos, but naturally for others it is not useful.

The Sack of Gold, with 14.9% drop rate is really probably the least interesting item.

The most interesting are probably the 50 Advanced Henna and the 20 Advanced Mahra.

The other items are “ok to nice” but in these quantities are close to irrelevant.


  • Do you guys like the item selection?
  • Are you surprised by the drop rate results?
  • Do you like this event that Wartune added for their 5th Anniversary?

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  1. Golden sand is most useful to me since I can’t get it anywhere else and bbs aren’t worth spending on equipment, I also like the divinity souls since they are far harder to level up than gems and diamonds. I’m doing level 12 gems now, I have 14 level 11 diamonds but still don’t even have a single level 11 divinity soul. Divinity souls are usually what my chests would be exchanged for this week but with the exchanges I need to use them on the merged eudemon stuff and the 2 wings I need to complete sets.

    I’m not particularly interested in the rest of the stuff, for the stuff I still need I can get them in decent quantities elsewhere. Certainly they are better than the gold and henna we get from normal gifts but I can relatively easily get them elsewhere.

    • the item itself i agree with you but since quantities of the sand is so low i am not sure if it is useful in such low quantities

  2. Thanks providing these data….

    • 🙂

  3. Agree with golden sand
    Second is dragon blood stone

    Thank you

    • 🙂

  4. Golden sand does little to help your eud’s stats. I like the fair amount of adv henna we’re getting. 50 isn’t a lot, but when you get a bunch of droppings per day it adds up. It is odd how rare divinity souls are dropping and yet it’s a pathetic lv2 one. If it were lv4 or 5 that would be something. Same with diamond. You get 18x lv3 diamonds every day from bounty. Odd thing, today I got 5x hellish flame drops.

    • yes, I’ve also been getting a decent number of hellish flame drops; I’ve found the level 2 diamond/div soul to be rarest.

  5. I really like the rewards,hope they stay like this for a long time.

  6. thanks for all the hard work.

    • thanks for appreciating 🙂

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