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1 More Reward after Attempts Maxed

Hey guys, in this short tip/guide I show you that it is possible to get 1 more reward from Sylph Atoll after your rewards have been maxed out. This happens when you kill both Advanced and Sophisticated Sylphs which give 1 or 2 rewards. So it is possible that you get a “Maxed Out” message, but still manage to kill 1 more Advanced Sylph to get one more x1 reward as shown in the picture below:


I tried to test this today and from what I can see you correctly get the allowed 10 Soph. / 20 Adv. but it is also true that the system tells you that “you are finished” by the message in the screenshot below “maxed today” / “cannot obtain” any more today, which is very misleading for new and less experienced players, so I think this short article is still valid to inform all non-veteran players that if you get this “finished” message you can perhaps still get more rewards if you have not killed all sylph types (check top left window in Atoll).

1 more reward after Attempts Maxed

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  1. im not to convinced about that, what if the other 2 that kill were soph and still need one adv for the day and those are the rewards #15 not an extra #15

    • it is not a question of being convinced, the screenshot clearly shows that the system declares the rewards to be maxed out before they are really maxed out

  2. confused. You can kill 20 advanced and 10 sophisticated each day.

  3. the screenshot doesn’t show which kind of sylph was killed –> could be that sophisticated is maxed, and not advanced sylphs

    • i agree with nico

    • thanks for the feedback, I will try to test more and catch another screenshot

    • i think the reward showing on the picture for sophisticated since the adv give u each item for 2 pcs…

  4. I am not quite sure what you are trying to say. Do you mean after you kill 20 advanced and 10 sophisticated, you can still get 1 more reward for each? If so, how?

  5. Lol, I see it all the time.

    When I have killed all of one type advance or Soph.

    Then start the next one and miss-click on the one I have completed.

    Also I have some interesting information on Slyph Expedition.

    Just passed 53 and noticed something.

    I have ODIN (Orange) 360k BR (Resist 545)
    I have Dark (Red) 290k BR (Resist 815)

    Yet Odin was taking bigger hits and died first all the time.

    So Slyph resists important based on boss your facing.

    I suggest looking at the type of boss and countering from team line up based on types weakness.

    Put Slyph of same type at front to tank, and slpyh with boss lowest resistance at back to do damage.

    Eg. Water Boss (High Matk and Mdef / Low Patk and PDef / Also Water has no resist to elec damage)

    Water or any other sylph with high water resist at front and elec slyphs at back for highest damage.

    This changes when you have merged slyphs.

    As they can do PATK and MATK you can choose skills to be more effective. PATK again low PDEF types and MATK for low MDEF types.

    Always look at Boss type and counter your team to make battles easier.

    Other strategies help.

    Using Skill to take least amount of damage.

    Try using skills

    4 – AOE Shield (until last round of buff)
    8 – Stun Boss (Unitl runs out)
    9 – Invincibility (Till runs out)
    5 – Heal all
    0 – reset and then do above again.

    Minimum damage taken on this routine.

    Slip a 3 – attack buff between 4-8
    Slip a 6 – Debuff boss if buff on boss applied
    Slip a 7 – Restrict boss special as needed

    Happy to take any other tips on it.

    Maybe a post on Slyph Expedition or short video Cosmo???

    • Hey Krystallic, thanks for sharing
      Regarding your question, if you prepare an article or video, I am happy to post it if you email the files to me; let me know

      • Will work on one… have slyphs from eve to thor… 18 of them, will try to test some details.

        But all levels on 5 for skills so not sure of lower levels for newer players. Will ask around my guild for more details on these.

        But basically need RED slyphs for lvls 30 onwards and a MERGED really helps. (at least a friends one to borrow)

  6. 1 more adv sylph? urgh…no thanks…waste of time

    i do it for the daily events only…else not gona touch adv sylph 😀

  7. Oh ty for info 🙂

  8. Sophisticated Sylph was killed(maxed) which gave the..
    [info] Attempts maxed today, can not obtain rewards.

    Then an Advanced Sylph was killed(unmaxed) giving the..
    [info] Received: Sylph Crystalloid x1, Magical etc…

    Then another Sophisticated Sylph was killed(maxed) giving the ..can not obtain rewards… message again.


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