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7 Videos Uploaded (17 Jun 2016)

Hey guys, here a short summary post on 7 videos we uploaded today:

Elia’s videos adding more info for Wartune Patch 5.8

Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – Smelt Equipment

Wartune Patch 5.8 Preview – VIP Benefits and Experience

Fealindale’s video for all the PvP lovers

Wartune Gameplay Class Wars Finals – Mage Warlord’s Hall (9 June 2016) (Fealindale)

Cosmos’s videos for Pure Gameplay relaxation

Abandoned Altar + Plague Marsh + TOK NM + Tara Temple + Narrandera Remains

Wartune Gameplay Dragon Invasion Stage 1-18 with Barlos, Esc0, Zuza, Cosmos

Wartune Gameplay Black Gold Cavern dungeon with Barlos

Wartune Gameplay Bloody Inferno with Barlos, Xootrax, Zuza, Cosmos (Pre-Patch 5.8)

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  1. your character in-game dressed half egyptyan and half christmas snow man is really hilarious lmao i laughed the whole time while watching these videos :’D

    • hehehe
      i made this design to make people smile, so happy that it worked 🙂
      – Cosmos

  2. AeriaGames and aka ProCity are using screenshots of your test server toon for their own patch notes. Are you partnering with them now?

    • I didn’t know about that, but if they are using the pictures it’s OK with me. I only have a problem with the evil harassing R2Games.
      – Cosmos

  3. why in narra you stay all far in stead of stay all close?

    i see a lot players wrong in my server an so i gain only 1 chest in stead of 2-3 for each boss. this because often i’m faster and i can help the others. so i gain another rewards.

    i hope you’ll find a trick for gain easly 4 chests to all in narra with all that have the attemp

    • This is not an issue of right or wrong, there are different purposes.
      1 – get more chests
      2 – get more exp (here)
      3 – be happy to finish the damn thing if you are short on time 😛
      – Cosmos

  4. any info on spire nm chests? do they get upgrade too?

  5. As for smelting stones, I can predict the following scenario:
    Months 1-2 – Smelting stones are given as a reward for spending huge amounts (like 30k, 50k, 80k balens).
    Months 2-3 – Smelting stones are given as a reward for recharging huge amounts.
    Months 4-5 – Smelting stones will be for sale on a regular basis.
    Month 6+ – Smelting stones are available for free every day and maxing your smelting ratio would require like 6 more months.
    We’ve seen it too many times already.

  6. People still play this cash grab crap losers what a bunch of low lives. If people still recharge they are the stupidest retards on earth. It’s simple money each week or fall behind 20mill br

  7. with the new melting we dont need knighthood anymore because even if we get knighted we cant beat someone who is meltet xD

  8. hi,

    if we save the pre-patch spire n tok chests…will they get upgraded to the post-patch(7 times the rewards) chest?
    ty in adv

    • we all hope they will be; in any case hold on to them and we will see
      – Cosmos

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