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5 Videos Uploaded (5 July 2016)

Hey guys, here a short summary post on 5 videos we uploaded during the first days of July:

Elia’s videos on Patch 5.8 MPDs / runs

Wartune Gameplay – Post-Patch 5.8 Tower of Kings, Spire, Dragon Invasion, Black-Gold Cavern

Wartune Gameplay – Patch 5.8 NEW Bloody Inferno Complete Run

Cosmos’s videos on BLOOD DEMON Animations + Class Wars + Divine Altar

Wartune Demo BLOOD DEMON Fighting Animations and View (Eudaemon)

Wartune Gameplay CLASS WARS Preliminary Round KNIGHTS (5 July 2016)

Wartune Gameplay DIVINE ALTAR Defense Phoenix for Devotion (3 July 2016)

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  1. i like your videos, high quality

    • Thank you 🙂

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