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Wartune Events 17 June 2016 and 16 June 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 17 June 2016 and 16 June 2016:

(We are trying a new way of reporting, let us know what you think)

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  1. Cool, Keep going Cosmos

    • Thanks GAMA 🙂

      • old system is easier for people who dont talk english very well as me,but this one is good to see exactly when you talk about somethnig in event ,so both of them would be cool

  2. put back subit the old style please. i can’t see in full screen and now i must manage manually on video for scroll and skip….

    • There is a button to “view on YouTube”, if you want to have it full screen.

  3. Sorry Cosmo I like the old way better with the listing please so I can read it

  4. Horrible idea.

  5. i like it good job 🙂

  6. i’ve some suggest for you: do the events as before but split the free events and the casher event. casher event only for patrons. who is a free player have need of see the info that you have hidden with patrons . who is a free player will never pay the patrons here.
    so, if you would receive money from cashers, show to them the event cashers with only patrons. and if you want put also the fun trheads.

    split the adv.sepolcrum and adv.henna from event casher, because i can do them free.

    is better do 2 thread in stead of 1 super long and with some events “fake cashers” hidden in event cashers.

  7. Really bad idea. May it be old style or screenshots (Symedia style)

  8. I prefer the old way, or at least offering the video in addition to the old way. I do better with reading material, rather than listening to it, but others may deal better with listening, rather than reading.

  9. Hate it

  10. Cosmos, I like they old way better, However due to issues, the team is having, I thank you for the video, it still is great information to the players, TY for your hard work and perseverance, through this time for the players.

  11. Hey Cosmos, Thanks for doing new stuff, but in my opinion, Old way is much better as checking video takes a long time and Old way allows you to check event quickly without “investing” much time, as we might be busy in some cases.


  12. Sorry, but your “New Way” is no good. At least for me. I cant see or read it.

  13. Dang, I was trying to give more help with advice and stuff, but looks like it did not work out.

    Thanks for giving your opinions guys.

    – Cosmos

    • What are the events then?

      • … there is a video report
        maybe on your PC you block videos? i don’t know
        – Cosmos

      • Sorry, I mean are you going to repost the events in the old format? It’s a 28 mins video… I don’t know where to skip to to see the events straight out.

  14. Having watched part of the video, I appreciate the potential for additional analysis that the video offers, but it does take much longer than reading it, and its almost impossible for me to read it from the video.

    • Thanks, ya was trying to do more for everyone, but seems it didn’t work :S

  15. Far too long to sift through video here. Can’t you give a list and summary, then have the video also? Having to go through a half-hour video makes this unusable for me.

    • Thanks, ya, we definitely should change if so many people didn’t like.
      Was just trying to do more.
      – Cosmos

  16. Prefer it the other way guys I know its probably more work doing other way but its easier and quicker the way u had it before

  17. 28min to see new events?

    no ty

    • yes it take too much time

  18. Plaatsen taken item oldscool. Faster tot read button appreciate all the effect you do. Ty

  19. Sorry for bad english

  20. I prefer the old written way personally as I can quickly see what I am interested in. Thanks for asking

  21. Write the events as well how am i gonna see whats up on my phone when i am away?

  22. #33
    Awfully slow… sorry
    How about you do a fast review, because for example only useful for me is the Gem Synth. Just needed to see page 4 and took you a lot to get there.
    Fast review of everything then you do analyse rewards.

  23. Prefer text
    Easier to process and refer back to

  24. As soon as I see I have to watch a video I head elsewhere. Seems u r trying to hire us as much as Wartune. I have more or less quit but keep your emails coming for comic relief.
    Seriously way too much drama.

  25. I would prefer the old way as well. Videos are good for some things but not so good when you just want to show the events. Don’t know which way is quicker for you but much quicker for us to check events the old way.

  26. i also prefer the old style because: 1 – more design (i am an artistic person 🙂 ) 2 – i do not speak english good so is difficult for me to understand english voice 🙁

  27. old way is quicker to see and read it in a couple mins

  28. old way much much better!!

  29. guess you will change to old way right? wo many people dont like (include me) but thx for try do something diferrent

  30. first thank you so much for a great blog it helps me so much
    sadly i prefer the old way but whatever you decide is fine
    thank you again ddadd

    • Thanks for the appreciation 🙂
      Will change, thanks.
      – Cosmos

  31. Just started it and don’t like it… gotta sit thru 28 minutes to find out what MAY affect me and my guild of non-cashers. Sorry, I know you’re probably bored with the old way, but not everyone has the time to sit thru that. (I had to stop it – NO time! – so I still don’t know what to expect)

    • Hi, it’s not a question of boredom. I was trying to give a better service to players. Feedback understood, will change. Thanks.
      – Cosmos

  32. when you will post those events in old way?

  33. Cosmos i really like the way your going about this but a lot people are very busy these days in real life and cant watch a whole 30min video when it take about 5-10 min to read it. I like that u explained it very well but like i said the video is too long and i rather read it instead but i like that your thinking of new ways due to r2games being a idiot like usual they are but most people pefer the old way i lke the video but stick with the old way please

    • Understood. Will do. Thanks.
      – Cosmos

  34. hmm i still prefer the old style…straight to the point

    the video makes me ZZZ

  35. old way better i want the info at a glance not have to sit through a video that includes events that are too common like casher events

  36. old way much better for us old ppl

    • hehe thanks

  37. Alright a video, i like the new idea, but 28 minutes? Didn’t bother to see it.

    • Thanks, will certainly change based on the feedback.
      – Cosmos

  38. i know how to point and click thank you

  39. So, now we watch a half hour video to see new events instead of reading for 30 seconds? I have to say, reading does not hurt me, and I can run Dragon Invasion in less time than it takes to watch this video.

    • Thanks Clay, I was just trying to give a better service with advice and tips. Looks like it did not work out. I will certainly switch back to how I was doing.
      – Cosmos

      • I do get it!

        But IMHO you will know when you “should” write things 🙂

        no one care about the “new spenders event” you and wartunenewsfeed keep on posting…

        EVERYONE JUST WANT TRICK TO EXPLOIT in the very end 😀 “sad” but true 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂

  41. I agre on NOT having the video for such “black on white” infos.

    I support videos when a lot of talking and suggestions are made, otherwise….i’d much prefer NOT having the video, sorry

    For instance i check this stuff while i’m at work….so i cant read nor listen to it 🙁 same goes if i’m listening to stuff like everyday on a normal basis anyway 🙂

    u dont have to be anal about reporting events n stuff, IMHO 🙂

    • Thanks Laura,
      I understand.
      Will change.
      – Cosmos

  42. huh… No, no no no.

    I’m not loading a 30mn video for “events info”. waste of bandwidth.

    Especially since events are soooooo repetitive, a 5s look is enough.

    • Understood. Will change back. Was just trying to do more for people.
      Thanks, Cosmos

  43. Hello,
    I like the idea, but 28 minutes it’s really too much!!
    Maybe a way faster and more schematic video could do the job!

  44. The video is a nice change. I would still prefer text or text and video. Thanks for your news updates.

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