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Elia’s Class Wars Videos for January 2016

Hey you guys, the first Class Wars tournament of 2016 was this past weekend, and turns out I started it off with a bang! After making my first merged sylph (Freya), I decided to use a wind sylph as my main for the first time in several months, and it went very well. This is my 2nd Class Wars victory, and I’m glad it happened when it did, because very soon the top players will reach knighthood and things may become even more difficult for me to win.

For the knights, my buddy Cyprus has yet another victory to keep his Warlord title. I think he’s gradually creeping in on Azrican’s crazy number of Class Wars wins. And for the archers, lilbisch gets his first Eagle Eye title! A bit congratulations to them both. I’m also very excited that Cyprus and lilbisch both recorded their Class Wars finals fights and released them to DolyGames to post.  So once I’m done getting out some informational content on the new patch, I’ll do some reaction commentary videos for both of those!

For all the action among the mages and for my monthly character overview, check out the videos below 🙂

VIDEO: Wartune Gameplay – Mage Wars Preliminaries (Jan. 2016)

VIDEO: Wartune Gameplay – Mage Wars Finals (Jan. 2016)

VIDEO: Wartune Character Overview – Eliatan (Jan. 2016)

How did Class Wars go for all of you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Congratz Eliatan (☞゚∀゚)☞

  2. gratz Elia,
    is it possible to find out how many CW tournaments are played across servers (+ Kabam, Kongregate, Koram, Aeriagames ones who fight with alongside servers?

    e.g. in our January’s CW the winners are:
    DCKnight (sorcerer)
    alvinn (warlord)
    Mr.Strife (eagle eye)

  3. From your comments about the freyya group shield not working – I believe slyphs awaken in the order of highest->lowest BR. The skill is ‘readied’ as soon as it awakens, even though itself and the medusa aren’t ‘awakened’ yet.

    The only way around this to my knowledge, is to make the shield the second skill instead of the first.

    It’s kind of similar to using an AOE skill on an enemy who hasn’t fully awakened yet, your skill will miss their slyph troops.

  4. most of cashing players win only for BR, but is awesome how you play in battle, maybe you cashing but very great and nice strategy, nice see how you use strategy in battle.. 😀

  5. Hey Elia,

    Gratz on winning CW. I must say, its a complete different universe from warriors hall and warlord. This was my 2nd time in warlord, and probably been the only archer without a merged sylph in there, well, I kind of felt completely out of space, not mentioning… paving the floor to everyone else…:D

  6. I have 2 questions. What do you think is the best skills to use for Arise and could you try to have cyprus to a character overview?

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