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February 2016 Class Wars Videos

Hey you guys, here I’ll layout all the Class Wars videos that the DolyGames team posted for February 2016! A big congratulations to all the winners! This is the first Class Wars since Patch 5.5 and the knighthood addition, and it’s very clear it’s made a big impact and the field of top players is looking different than the previous month. Please share your thoughts and stories from Class Wars in the comments with us 🙂

A special thanks to my buddy Strife for sending in footage of his finals fights – for sure you should check out the carnage in that video (end of the list here)!

VIDEO: CLASS WARS Preliminary Round KNIGHTS (16 Feb 2016)

Cosmos’s Preliminary fights!

VIDEO: Mage Class Wars Preliminaries (Feb. 2016)

Elia’s Mage Preliminary fights.

VIDEO: Mage Class Wars Finals (Feb. 2016)

Elia’s Mage Finals fights.

VIDEO: Character Overview – Eliatan (Feb. 2016)

Elia’s monthly character overview.

VIDEO: Archer Class Wars Finals (Mr☆Strife – Feb. 2016)

Mr☆Strife’s Archer Finals fights!

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  1. On my EU cross server there is 2 archer’s Kelbeans with over 12mil BR and NACC with almost 12mil BR if you want i can send the SS’s for both char stats

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