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YouTube Demonetizing Gaming Videos

Hey everyone! In this article I talk about YouTube demonetizing gaming videos and marking them as “Not suitable for most advertisers”. This is both to fans of my gaming channel or fans of other channels as well as the content creators who may be suffering from the same thing.

This is something that’s totally new on my DolyGames YouTube gaming channel. YouTube has never had problems with me and I have, at the time of writing this article, 1837 videos on my channel which should prove that it is a long standing account. Or here is a screenshot from my channel showing all green status with zero copyright strikes and zero community guideline strikes.

Timing and Censorship

In around October 2017 YouTube started, almost immediately after upload, marking ALL my videos as “Not suitable for most advertisers”. You can be 100% sure no human from YouTube has seen my videos so it is their newly programmed Big-Brother-Eye-in-the-Sky artificial intelligence software which is initiating all these attacks. I guess the mass censorship and demonetization by government & media / corporation of which YouTube is a big part, are no longer only focused on politics but are now stretching their long controlling hands to damage many content creators in many categories. Who knows perhaps in the future we will not even be able to express ourselves at all if this path continues.

Subscribers, Earnings and Complete BS

Coming back to my gaming channel, I have at the moment 12,240 subscribers and I make simple non-violet gaming videos of which Wartune videos are a big part and where I don’t even use insults or vulgar language (and I am not saying that those who do are wrong because I believe that people should be able to express themselves).

I certainly don’t print millions like some people believe. My entire monthly earnings from YouTube, believe it or not, would barely reach even half of my monthly internet connection bill. However, every little bit counts when you are struggling to get income, so it is very upsetting to spend hours to create content for people and not be allowed to even collect 10 cents as a reward. The bit about “Not suitable for most advertisers” is also a complete BS because they don’t have problems with showing ads on all sorts of aggressive or horror movies, bloody killings, satanic rituals and smexual content, but apparently showing the gameplay of my Fantasy Shooter, the game I designed myself, where you are a flying energy ball shooting other flying energy balls is deemed as “Not suitable for most advertisers”. BS!

Fans Support

That’s why content creators are grateful for solutions like Patreon which allow fans to support their favor channels and if those corporations increase their censorship and attacks against people then direct Fan support is one of few ways content creators will be able to survive. So let this be a reminder to people that if you are a fan of some YouTube channel or some blogger then check out their descriptions under videos or articles and usually you will find several ways they list via which you can support them. And if you are able to then do that otherwise content creators will be in a big brown pile of trouble. Here is a link to my Patreon page.

If you are a Content Creator or Want to Start

If you are planning to start then think twice. Everything has gotten 10 times harder compared to the past and new problems appear regularly. That said, if you have a passion and want to help people you should do it or you may regret it later just from your heart or soul’s point of view.

If you already have a YouTube channel and are struggling and perhaps have similar difficulties as me then do your best to think of solutions. Keep on creating quality content for fans/people to enjoy and open a Patreon page if you don’t have one or give some way for people to support you if they want and are able to. Think of other ways to add to that – I have seen various channels try selling T-shirts or cups/mugs. Honestly the odds are against you so only those who keep on fighting and manage to get fan support will survive.

If you are receiving the same “Not suitable for most advertisers” then there is a button to request a manual review. I do that for every video without even thinking as there is nothing wrong with any of my videos. However, you will receive a notification that unless your video reaches 1000 views then they are not going to bother to review it. Well isn’t that great? So everyone who is trying to start or break through or everyone in niche topics or niche games has no chance. That said I still click on that because I have noticed some videos turning green again after a bunch of days. I don’t know if it is a human fixing it or the algorithm, but I suggest to do that if you are confident in your video.

Finally if all content creators get killed then I suppose everyone can just watch cat videos on YouTube.

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Thank you to those Wartune players who are supporting my work, COSMOS Wartune blog and DolyGames gaming portal & the games that I create for people to play for free.

My goal is to reach 300 PATRON SUPPORTERS to help pay my monthly costs. Currently I have 29 Patrons! (Also thanks to Patrons who supported in the past!)

So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. so…we can’t see your videos anymore? 🙁

    • Tou can see them if only he decides to make them for free now.

      • Please stop with the stupidity, all the videos are free and available for everyone for already 6 years.

        I don’t understand why someone would, on purpose, post something stupid like this.

      • Uhh did you READ the statement? If you decide to continue making videos for FREE (knowing they won’t be monetized IE the premise of this article), you will be able continue seeing new content.

      • No that is not the premise of this article. I have been making videos for FREE for years and everyone has been watching them for free as well for years. You don’t get paid for making videos. If you get something later that’s a bonus, but you are never guaranteed to get anything, but you were never attacked in the past.

        In fact the vast majority of work I create for people is all created for free and I get nothing for doing that. Any possible thanks, player support or ad income comes only later and is not guaranteed, while my monthly costs are every month.
        – COSMOS

  2. when do S83 groups will have server merged?

  3. Get a Real JOB brother….You can do this part time in btw jobs….

    • in some years we will not play anymore cause of flash player anyway…i agree

    • Did you read the article? And for the other – he CREATED a job for himself that created income (however small). This was very informative and as a person who relies on this site for up coming info so I can enjoy my game and get the most out of what little down time I get from a busy working life – I’m wondering if youtube and the suppliers of these games understand the money they will Lose when gamer’s can’t easily get this info. I for one am up for writing some letters to youtube et all…. hmm lets see where to start.

      • Thanks Mel, it seems some people don’t understand that trying to make your dreams come true or trying to create a business by yourself is not a bad thing.
        – COSMOS

  4. End of DolyGames is coming..

    • Why would you post something stupid like that?

    • Why the heck would you post something about someone who has worked so hard to help people out playing the game. Dolygames is the 1st place i come to and read and love to read. It’s people with bad attitudes like yours that frustrates me.

      Cosmos please keep up the great work you do and don’t ever let people like this get you down.

  5. hia cosmos, you make a great job here, ty lot for your viedeos, can you prepare a big blog for relic we all confuse, it looks like win or loose situation in pvp when tricky. ty lot Bobylove

    • Hi, thank you.
      I actually posted 1 hour ago on my Facebook page: “I’m working on a detailed article for choosing Artifacts Relics. Will hopefully publish it today or tomorrow to help everyone pick the right one.”
      so stay tuned, it is coming
      – COSMOS

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