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January 2017 Ares War Videos

We’re all still relatively new to Wartune’s new single PvP cross-server event, Ares War, but so far the gameplay has been good. I (Elia!) competed in 3 of the 4 weeks in January and had a fun time gambling with the randomized set of skills and trying to beat (slowly die to) a bunch of strong opponents. Check out all the videos here!

January 2017 Ares War Videos

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What do you guys think of Ares War so far? I personally think the three randomized skills make things more fun and interesting. Tell us what strategies you like to implement and which skills you want to see before you stop changing them!

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  1. I despise Ares War. There are so many issues with it, the main one being that is is geared towards healers. A high BR Knight like myself will always lose to a lower BR Mage because they run out the clock through healing and higher BR loses! And if that is not bad enough, I get the same damn mages 3-4 times each week! My 4 million BR non-KH alt mage is AFK for the whole war and is ranked in the same tier as my 23 million BR Knight and gets the same rewards! There was a reason we had a CW and not this anyone vs anyone, Healer win on time. They need to change the rule on who wins on time, just giving it to lower BR is BS!

    • I was always under the impression that whoever was doing more healing would lose the round because it went by who done the most damage. But there are times that doesn’t seem to be the case but like many other things, they don’t want us to know how it works.

      • Nope… higher BR automatically loses, so if you are fighting a powerful player, just heal to victory! It is counter-logical! I confirmed this with ProfCity.

    • Gear towards healers? There’s a reason there are virutally no healing kh mages around… the kh mage healing skills are useless and are only useful in very specific situations and overall you will lose far more fights with the healing branch than the arcane branch. Also, you should never be hitting the time limit, especially against a lower br mage, if you fail to kill them in that time, quite frankly, you don’t deserve to win…

      • Well… my BR is 23 million, PATK 1.28 Million and 183K Crit and Mages almost always beat me with heals. They all use Friggas, Holy Seal (which is now a strong Heal/Defense), Moon Guardian, Adv Healing Rune, etc. As most are VIP I also assume many switch to Healing Branch just for Ares War. In the first Ares War that ended in 2016 there were Mages with 16 million BR in the top 50 and Knights with 20+ Million not in the top 50. And to make matters worse I will fight the same goddamn mage 3-4 times in a round!

      • 1.28m patk for 23m br is pathetic… and you wonder why you can’t kill anyone… Just because you have a high br doesn’t mean you are going to win fights, and it sounds like you are not. I have almost 10m less br than you do, but if we fight, you will probably lose.

        Being vip doesn’t make switching to the healing branch easier – it’s the same process, and I can almost guarantee that no one will be switching.. as a mage I can assure you that using it is suicide in ares – any competent player will make you suffer for making that choice (I’ve seen a few use it, and every single one of them has died). BR is a very poor measure of strength as it can easily be inflated above your capabilities (as you have) – with your stats you are probably on par with the average 16m br. Anyone with stats like yours has no hope of being in the top 50 and rightfully so – there are many stronger people that deserve those positions.

        The fighting the same person multiple times is just plain stupid though. They really need to fix the matching system to stop that happening – with so many people it should be quite trivial to ensure that.

      • I’m 11mill br khnight n my path is 1.2mill lol. Plus I’m 100% non casher too. God i own this game. With eud skill lvl 7 too. 3 of them

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