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Jingle Bell Chest from Pile of Gifts

Hey guys, in this short post I share with you that it is possible to find Jingle Bell Chest from Pile of Gifts from the Polar Bears in Wartune, but certainly it has a low drop rate. Here is the picture of me finding one and polar bears at the bottom:

Jingle Bell Chest from Pile of Gifts

Jingle Bell Chest from Pile of Gifts

Polar Bears

Polar Bear Pile of Gifts Wartune

Jingle Bell Chest

Jingle Bell Chest item description

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  1. hey COSMOS or Elia, or anyone =P (offtopic)

    Did u know what was the unlimited Gem (eudo, sylph, crystal, etc) bug there was? its realy unfair, r2 already fix it with a maint, but some people use it and got all lvl 12….

    • Hi Croxes, Cosmos here, nope, I was also wondering what it was, but ultimately it does not matter anymore because they fixed it and it’s not like they will do a compensation to others, so probably whoever found the bug benefited a lot

  2. Do you know what are the rewards with this ?

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