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Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest drops rates v2

Hey guys, in this post I share with you my report on Wartune’s Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest drops rates version 2 with 156 chests of data (v1 was with 48 chests in the Game Box article): Update: v3 posted at the bottom with 324 chests data:

Nightmare Ruins Chest Rewards and Rates

The Spire NM chest is build up of 3 sections:

  • We got 4 items which fall at a rate of 1 in 5 chests, which are:
    • Golden Holy Water x20
    • Shadow Crystal x20
    • 250,000 gold
    • Bound Balens x3
  • Then we have Fashion Shards which fall just a little bit less often with a 15.4% drop rate.
  • And lastly we have the top prize of the nightmare ruins chest, the fashion core, which has the lowest, 5.8% chance of dropping.

I think long time players will be somewhat unhappy with this chest, given the difficulty of the dungeon, because they don’t need Shadow Crystals at all (experience is worth zero) and they probably have huge stocks of Golden Holy Water and all equipment refined. The bound balens are of such low quantity that are not worth mentioning – you are much better of getting your bb from dimension exploration and finally even if we assume that you can get 20+ chests per day, this would translate, roughly speaking, into 1 fashion core per day or 30 per month, which is certainly not something to be excited about for the long time players.

For low BR players and new players this chest is nice though so hitching a ride with a strong friend would certainly help these players catch-up in the mentioned areas, i.e. getting to level 80 faster, refining all sylph gear and catching up on the cheaper clothing levels or refinements.

Final conclusion

I would have to say somewhere in the middle: definitely not the best thing in Wartune, but certainly not the worst either. What do you guys think?

Update: v3 with 324 boxes:

Adding a v3 following additional data of 168 more Spire NM chests received from Nico (thanks!):

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  1. The problem is that spire nm is too long.
    Boss have way too much hp, we need 45 min to reach the 22nd boss, just to get 1 or 2 fashion core.
    It’s not worth the time spent at all.

  2. Cleared Spire NM w/ a group of an Archer (4.65m), Knight (4.23m), Mage (3.90m) and another Archer (3.45m).

    Took over 45 minutes, and that was with WC / Buffs on. WAY Too Long. And the lag factor in the latter bosses don’t help. Only worth it if you really need the extra 1.5m Gold (average) or the 120 Holy Water (average).

    You still get decent BB (by comparison) and Soul Crystals in Normal Spire, and that’s done in well under 10 min while AFK.

    They should have made each NM chest worth 250k Gold + Holy Water | Shadow Crystals | BBs | Cores… With the loss of Sylph Atoll Income people might do it for a guaranteed 6 Mil Gold daily. But the way it is? Meh…

  3. What u showed us in the video is x100 harder

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