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Wartune Patch 8.3 New Guild Features [Dev Guide]

Hi everyone, here is the developer guide for the new Wartune Patch 8.3 Guild Features.

New Changes to Guild Functions in Patch 8.3

Guild Assets

Added “Guild Assets”: Guild Masters can use Guild Assets to upgrade the Guild’s new buildings, upgrade the Skill Academy as well as the Restock at the Guild Merchant.

Personal Merit

Added “Personal Merit”: used to upgrade new skills in the Master Skill Tower, and buy items in the Trade Hall at the Guild Merchant.

Daily Guild Devotion

When N members reach X Devotion every day, all members of the Guild can claim a reward, resets daily at 24:00 midnight.

Weekly Guild Devotion

  • When the daily Guild Devotion accumulates to X, all members of the Guild can claim a reward, resets on Sundays at 24:00 midnight.
  • Guild members can receive reward only once per week, even if they change Guilds during this time.

Guild Development Changes

New Upgrade-able Building: Master Skill Tower

Adv. Facilities

Added new Guild buildings:

Master Skill Tower:

  • Master Skill: researches new skills or blessing buffs, increases skill level cap (only the Guild Master has rights)
  • Skill Academy: Guild members that learn the new skills must have Master Skills already learned.

Quest Academy:

Guild Quests:

Beginner School:

Quests focused on leveling up new players.

Guild Merchant

  • Supply Hall: The Guild Master can use Guild Assets to Restock the items in the Trade Hall. Resets on Sundays at 24:00 midnight.
  • Trade Hall: Guild members can use their Personal Merit to purchase quantities of items, and there is a limit to their number of purchase attempts.
  • Purchase attempts reset every day midnight at 24:00, and item quantity restocks on Sundays midnight at 24:00.

Guild Skills

The original Guild Skills from Guild Events are transferred to the Guild Buildings, their functions have not changed.

Guild Features

  • Guild Chamber
  • Emeraldia
  • Guild Treasure
  • Imperial War
  • Guild Dungeons: New Feature Entry Portal

Guild Dungeon(s) Info

  • Guild dungeons have Normal and Nightmare modes, Nightmare mode unlocks after clearing Normal mode. Each mode provides 5 areas, and each area consists of 12 dungeons. Guild members must challenge these dungeons based on their sequence.
  • Each player accumulates damage dealt as they challenge the dungeons, until the BOSS is defeated and the next dungeon is unlocked.
  • On each day, each player can only enter the dungeon and challenge once.
  • Each dungeon can be challenged by no more than 8 players at the same time.
  • After clearing a dungeon, all players in the Guild can receive the dungeon clear basic rewards.
  • After clearing an area, all players in the Guild can receive the area rewards.
  • After clearing an area, the player with the highest accumulated damage will be granted a special display – Key leader.

Season Rules:

  • The season’s duration lasts for 2 natural months, and governs all servers within the same cross-server bracket.
  • Throughout the season, Rankings are based on each Guild’s dungeon progress. The earlier the clearance, the higher the ranking. Resets daily at 00:00.
  • After a season ends, results and settlement will be based on Guild ranking, and rewards will be sent via mail.
  • The final 5 days of each season will be for calculations and settlement, once concluded, the results will be announced, and a new season will begin after.

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  1. My guild finished guild dungeon today – so I assume we have nearly 2 months without merit from that quest as it doe not seem to reset. If this is the case – make sure to hang on to your dwarven silver so you can use a little each day and not lose more merit

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