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EMERALDIA Guild Activity Guide – Wartune Patch 8.0

Hi everyone! In this article I present to you my video guide on the new Wartune Patch 8.0 feature called EMERALDIA as well as the developer guide released to all publishers.

If you have any additional information on the EMERALDIA system please share by posting in the comments for all Wartune players to benefit or ask questions and I will do my best to answer what I can.

I start with the video (you can watch here or on my YouTube channel) and the develop guide below that:

Video: Wartune Patch 8.0 -New EMERALDIA Guild Activity Guide & Gameplay

EMERALDIA Developer Guide & Additions by me


The dream mancer is planning to exert control over living creatures through dreams. Wise and brave warriors, will you find the courage to enter the Guild dungeon – Emeraldia to fight the BOSS and restore the glory of the land of Gaia?

Dungeon Entry

  1. Guild panel >>
  2. Guild Events >>
  3. Emeraldia

Unlock Requirements & Info

  • Unlocks when Guild reaches level 5. The feature replaces the original Divine Altar and Guild Beast.
  • Guild members may donate Daru to the guild to help the guild accumulate Guild Battle Warpath. The Guild Master can spend Guild Battle Warpath to increase the BOSS level in Emeraldia.
  • The Guild Master can select a BOSS level when summoning a BOSS. Higher level BOSSES are more difficult to overcome but offer better rewards.
  • The Emeraldia Boss Level should normally transfer from previous Guild Beast achieved level, so the players asking about if all their Daru is lost normally should not worry.

Emeraldia Gameplay Info

  • Emeraldia is available right after a BOSS is summoned (although in my test there was still the 5 minutes waiting time at the start, so perhaps not immediately available). The event lasts 30 minutes and all guild members may enter to join.
  • The BOSS starts with a 100% Magic Immune buff and a 100% Physical Immune buff. Players starts with 1 HP because they are under Nightmare state at the beginning (but in my test I was able to simply use a healing rune and then this 1 HP is no longer an issue). All players need to work together to complete quests so as to remove the above buffs and kill the BOSS for rewards.
  • Forage Dream Fruit – Dispel Nightmare: Players may collect Dream Fruit in the Misty Jungle. By completing the fruit foraging quest, the Nightmare state will be removed from all players. Foraging will provide random Dream buffs that may double attributes or rewards in the next battle.
  • Defeat the Nightmare Tauren – Reduce BOSS Physical Immune effect: Every Tauren killed grants players rewards and reduces the Physical Immune buff of the BOSS. When the quest is completed, BOSS Physical Immune will be removed.
  • Defeat Goblin – Dispel BOSS Magic Immune effect: Every Goblin killed grants players rewards and reduces the Magic Immune buff of the BOSS. When the quest is completed, BOSS Magic Immune will be removed.

  • Unknown traps exist in Emeraldia. After straying into a trap, a player will be stunned for 1 minute (this was very annoying – hopefully they adapt this). The stun effect can be removed when another player touches the player.

Emeraldia Rewards

  1. Defeating monsters directly grants players rewards.
  2. The player to deal the last blow to the BOSS gets rewards.
  3. After defeating the BOSS, all guild members who have joined Emeraldia will receive rewards to their mail box.
  4. Even if the BOSS is not killed when the event time runs out, participating guild members still get rewards to their mail box.

Dream Chest contents:

Update: Level 5 rewards

Thanks to Georg for the pics, here are the level 5 rewards:

  • 1600 Fangs for winning
  • 400 for losing
  • and 3 chests

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  1. bring Sea Witch with all heals- hit heal rune first atk- full HP for all.

  2. Lv 9 gives 2400 Fangs & 5 cheats for winning, 600 Fangs for losing

    • Thanks for sharing

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