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Wartune Patch 7.6 – Patch Notes

Hi everyone! It looks like it’s going even faster than expected. They announced they are installing the Patch 7.6 on pre-Launch servers during the October 12 Maintenance. This usually means that 1 week later it will be installed on all servers (October 19th).

Here are the Patch Notes which were announced:

Wartune Patch Notes [7.6]:

1. Added a new system – Relic. The balance of power is changing quietly…
(this system is going to increase BR of players significantly with a lot of added stats)

Ancient Relics Teaser Wartune Patch 7.6

2. Added a new feature – Lord’s Trial. Although Titan can not be used here, Relics can be a powerful ally in this quest!
(this is a new daily activity (a bunch of battles) to get materials for Relics)

Lord's Trial Teaser Wartune Patch 7.6

3. Added a new feature – Hero Trial. Be victorious in this new battle mode and have your statue built in Cloud City for others to worship.
(this is a new PvP Tournament)

Wartune Patch 7.6 Hero Trial

4. Added Inscription to Holy Sword system. Now your Sylph can regain awakening points faster during battles.
(this I already reported long ago and all the details are available:
Holy Sword Inscription – Originally for Patch 6.5

Sylph Inscription FRENCH 3

5. Added a new feature – Eudaemon Domain. As a replacement of the Eudaemon Arena, Eudaemon Domain gives new rewards, rules and daily challenges!
(this is a new E/W v E/W Tournament)

Patch 7.6 Eudaemon Domain Tartarus Realm left

6. Added a new dungeon – Broken Space. Time is precious. Complete the dungeon as fast as you can for more rewards.
(this is a new weekly dungeon to get materials for Relics)

Dungeon Selection Wartune Patch 7.6 Broken Space

“Cheaper Synthesis”
7. Benefits: The required amount of materials to synth Halidom, Artifact and higher level equipment has been reduced to a more reasonable level.
(this is a change making existing equipment cheaper to synthesize)

8. Added Willpower skill scrolls to Shop.

9. Optimized top icons’ display rules.

Wartune Patch 7.6 top icons

10. Optimized the loading of some systems.

11. Modified some translations.

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. Altho some elements seems to be very interesting i am affraid that we are being loaded with even more lag than 7.5 did. Most of these problems are still not solved.

    The reduction in cost for Halidom and Artifact is great, that was way too expensive. It took a long time and i was not being able to do something other than Elemental Forest so for the players who still need to upgrade them, this is good news.

    Has anyone an idea what it is with these “Translations” or “Language issues” we see for weeks in the maint and patch-notices? The big problems we have are not being fixed but the devs seems to be focused on language. Like a typo messes up the gameplay.

    Well, i hope that this game still is playeble when this patch is fully rolled out.

  2. *sigh. Another patch and still no remedies in sight for a lot of issues and complaints players have. Things like daily buying limits (especially for fang shop) or inability to bulk use things like coins or gifts in INN. I think I have 300 ice cream, but I’m not manually giving junk gifts to one of the other three (cindy and berdim I do for adv mahra/seps, but the others are a waste of time, unless I could use 10x instantly). I figured another BR bump thing was coming for cashers to bump up their br’s, but br is so inflated. I’m about as strong as another player, but his WP is much stronger and as such has 2m br on me, despite the fact we’re evenly matched. I just hope the EA replacement is faster. There’s already too much “busy work” each day with wartune.

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