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Wartune China Patch 7.5 Notes and Pictures

Hey everyone! In this short post I share with you pictures from Wartune China Patch 7.5 and the Patch info in Chinese and Google Translated. And before beginning I want to say thanks to Kamil for messaging me, Dogryzyz for info and Dyziom who took pictures – you guys are always welcome to email me.

So let’s start with their Patch announcement:

Chinese Version of Wartune China Patch 7.5 Announcement



Google Translated Announcement

June 22 version update announcement:

Version 7.5 is as follows:
1. Optimized the secret journey;
2. New guard team trial (activity);
3. Added artifact system;
4. Titan skills support Equipment 10;
5. New guardian awakening;
6. Bloody vault replaced with a copy of the space-time vault;
7. Add the main God test practice;


Ok, let’s see if we can understand better with some pictures from Wartune China:

These could be new Willpowers:

This is a new campaign / battle system where you use energy (the bar on top) to kill monsters for rewards:

And this is the shop of this system, where we can see that it will become possible to get Clothing Refinement Stones. If I understood correctly the 200 currency shown here was earned in 1 day and in that case this means there might be income of 4 Clothing Refinement Stones per day via this new system.

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  1. Guardian isnt willpower is some kind of morph for ur toon something like alt it has his own gear and and stats

  2. ah so we get the new monster system? the subclass thing cool ^^

    • I think they skipped that monster system…? they still had class wars when it came out and the strongest players were about 5kk br at that time if I remember corectly

  3. and the basic talents stone?

  4. oh damn =( i hoped we would get this …. so dont expect it anymore ok =( now im sad

  5. Where to obtain basic talent stones :/?

    • As I already posted:
      “Balenorians 🙂 stop asking about talent stones; devs added them in the game but did not give access to publishers so basically it is same like it is not added in the game :P”
      – COSMOS

      • maybe iam dump but arent there talent stones in the speed clearance for example?

      • You are not “dump”, just not informed 🙂
        Basic Talent Stone is a new item added by devs in Patch 7.0
        only not really added
        – COSMOS

      • the basic talent stone is only accessible in return player extravaganza, for new players.(15 is max)

  6. Anyone Have link of wartune chinese?

    • – 241 Servers – 476 Servers – 1109 Servers – 400 Servers – 588 Servers

  7. that guardian thingy has the battle oracle gears hmmmmm

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