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Wartune Patch 7.6 Broken Space Developer Guide

Hey everyone! Here is the developer guide for the new Broken Space weekly event dungeon in Wartune Patch 7.6 (these are docs sent by the devs to all publishers).

[Wartune 7.6] Broken Space


With the aid of Willpower, warriors were able to finally overcome the demons in Blood Inferno and seal the area. Unfortunately, some careless soldiers did a sloppy job sealing their part of the area resulting in the occasional re-opening of a small section of the land. Help close the gap to prevent demonic invasion and get rewards, too!


1. Unlock Level: Class Advancement

2. Entrance: Hall of Heroes – Event Dungeon – Broken Space (Difficulty: Normal/Nightmare)

3. Reward Attempts: Once a week

4. Output: 3 kinds of chests (the chests contain the same content but those found in nightmare dungeons have greater output)

1) Bronze Broken Space Chest

2) Silver Broken Space Chest (contains some artifact shards)

3) Gold Broken Space Chest (contains more artifact shards)

[Gameplay Info]

There are 7 BOSSes in a battle. You must defeat the BOSSes one by one. Each level has a countdown (the chest icons at the top of the screen show the countdowns). You get more rewards with longer remaining countdowns (chests that are not grayed out). The BOSSes’ battle sequence will change every Monday at 00:00.

Character skills and rune skills are replaced by the 5 skills in Broken Space: 1) Attack; 2) Purification; 3) Immunity; 4) Dispel; 5) Stun.

Eudaemon skills and Sylph Awakening still work in Broken Space. The 5 skills will become Sylph skills after Sylph Awakening.

Different levels have different countdowns. The chests at the top of the screen are the countdown as well as the reward. You will get whatever chests are still remaining after defeating a BOSS.

As soon as you complete the dungeon, the reward panel will pop up to show you the reward details. You can see the number of chests you obtain from each level. Click “Collect Rewards” to collect rewards, or you may close the panel to avoid using a reward attempt. You can also click “Share battle results” to share your battle result in the chat. As shown below:

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