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Wartune Events 8 June 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 8 June 2016; there is a new type of an event called the Summer Kickoff:


Summer Kickoff Consumer’s Gift

Note: bound balens excluded for spending counting.

Active Eudaemon Skill Scroll

Nougat Chest
Eudaemon Cards
Blood of Zeus
Spend 30,000 balens 100 100
Frost Panther Warrior Card
Spend 50,000 balens 200 200
Flying Rabbit Eudaemon Card
Spend 70,000 balens 300 300 Frost Dwarf Card 3000

Big Spender – 24 hours

  • Up to 20000 balen spending rewards, giving:
  • Event chests, hoofs, whips, blood of zeus, gold, beast soul chests

Other Related

Maintenance 8th of June at 4:00 AM EDT(1:00 AM PDT, 9:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT +8) for all servers.


  1. Lowered the required Tattoo attributes for Knighthood. (we knew / discussed about this)
  2. Revamped the Mount Shop. (completely new / not announced; let’s hope it is adding more mounts and not nerfs)

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  1. Worst even ever lol unless you really need event chest cause all the other stuff are not worth it for that amount, eud you can get from exchanes BOZ from farm and eud skills fro eud arena and patrol only would be kinda wort it if there were a adv henna exhancge too for the chest but still 😛

  2. LOL someone who designed this event should see doctor – its utter crap.

  3. wow. only a dumbass would spend on that. or on this game for that matter. its all a waste of money. and you have nothing to show for it.

  4. those edus are worthless. cant use them for anything really. they will be so far behind on gear. and it will take forever to level one up. they are worthless in edu patrol.

  5. Well, now I want to express and share some information.
    Eudaemon it is almost 80% worthless.
    I have made calculation about items needed to totally upgrade them, their equipment, enchant and refine. It is very expensive compared to sylph equipment.
    Sylph vs Eudaemon is 90% Sylph and 10% Eudaemon. and not all of them, only Oracle because of healing, knight because of Apollo Shield, archer because of incendiary shot and wind ranger because of cursed arrow and the bleeding.

    Now after knighthood. Eudaemon die so quick that they become even less useful.

    The only very good stuff about them is the maximum rage increase, chaos/amnesia rune protection and the sylph awakening points. And that is not expensive to max out to level 5.

    Dont spend on the rest of it as it is useless. At least not after you have maxed tattoo and 4 red sylph with red equipment.

  6. Yep, I haven’t played in over a week, the game is a joke. I feel like I have to force myself to log tomorrow, just b/c I got married (again) in game. The rest, who cares. I read these Doly updates every time they hit my email, doesn’t seem like things are improving. The speed of decline now is ridiculous, it feels like every event is a new nerf

  7. omg “revamped mount shop”…

    that dont sound nice…i bet they increase the BSouls requirement >.<

  8. What utter crap they’re giving for some poor soul who’ll spend up to $700 USD for what? Some dumb ass rewards? What are they smoking in China? LOL I say spend that money on something useful not a Toon. They are crazy…….

  9. My 5th toon, made it to 5.5mil br for free and now they have written hard workers put of the game. Won’t matter how hard you play the system now. Little by little they have tweeked the non cashers from events, and the gAme now is unachievable for non cashers.. R.I.P my kabam accounts on wartune..just ehen you have it figured out..they move the goal posts. It is now cash only or go home

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