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Wartune Events 18 June 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 18 June 2016 (just 2 casher events for this day):

One Time Recharge – 5 days

Rewards for any amount of recharge (higher rewards for higher amounts). 2 choices of gift packs:

Choice 1
Choice 2

Big Spender (Dimension) – 24 hours

Rewards for spending up to 20,000 balens and includes items:

  • Gem
  • Talent Stone
  • Wraithstones
  • Mount Hoofs
  • Gold
  • Advanced Henna
  • Event Clothing Chests


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  1. dammit each passing day wartune will Ficano poor events today for example so did an event and half because I’m not conseguino gems to event, my server is the flies and instead of event organizers is concerned in keeping their players are doing is plot with blogs that are trying to help them is a joke from a business to the next update the game already will this perdeno more than half of their players because of shits events they are doing.
    THX:). the attention but a rebel player with the game.

    • can you talk as a normal person? thanks

      • eu disse que estou revoltado com o game cara se voce não entendeu problema seu

      • hes using google translate for sure xD

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