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Wartune Dimension Bonuses and Tip

Hey guys, in this article I display clearly the RES Reduction and Resistance bonuses per Dimension type in Wartune and share a tip with these connected to the Titan Temple (or any other challenging event).

Bonuses Table

Note: ‰ is per mille (a.k.a. per thousand) versus % (percentage) which is per cent, i.e. per hundred.

Dimension RES Reduction
(per mille)
(per mille)
RES Reduction
Basic +20‰ +25‰ +2% +2.5%
Intermediate +40‰ +100‰ +4% +10%
Advanced +80‰ +150‰ +8% +15%
Expert +240‰ +600‰ +24% +60%

Looking at RES Reduction for example, we can observe that from Basic to Intermediate there is double growth and again double towards Advanced, but then there is a triple increase on the Expert level.

Looking at Resistance increase, it is 4x to Intermediate Dimension, then only +50% to the next and then 4x again to Expert.


Basic Dimension

Intermediate Dimension

Advanced Dimension

Expert Dimension

Tip for Titan Temple

Over many months players get tired of doing dimensions every day. VIP players used to run full 5 dimensions in the past, but less people do that today. When confronted with challenging events, like Titan Temple, it is still very interesting to get additional damage output and survivability from dimensions. But as mentioned there is the tiredness effect of not wanting to keep them running fully.

Therefore, I suggest to consider Intermediate Dimensions. They are rather fast to do if you have an empty slot and you will get +4% RES Reduction and +10% additional survivability for 3 days. Although not a massive amount, it might make the difference between Victory and Failure in those cases where the enemy survives with just a tiny bit of life.

If you do find more time later you can always just abandon the Intermediate Dimension and open an Expert one. The dimension coordinates are plenty for Intermediate so there is no problem at all in doing this.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Its most helpful

    • 🙂

  2. Only problem is it is very hard to keep even 4 exp dims going all the time. It takes a tremendous amount of time doing exp dims. I wish they had a blitz for them. I would even pay balens to blitz it.

    • that’s exactly why i wrote the tip at the end

  3. anyone did found a balenmine in last time in a dim?

    • there are no changes to that, balen mines exist now as they did before
      the reason why people may have an impression that there are less mines is because we are all doing less dimensions so naturally less mines are being found

      • No, DG, there are far less mines now, I’ve gotten 2 since new year, and I keep 5 exp. dims. going every day (9 levels on first day, maxed on second)

    • Last month i could find 3 normal mines 1 are visible in i think 30 dimensions (most intermediate).

  4. which element?

  5. Is it possible for Loki or Odin to get haunt skill? Would be very useful in PvE and PvP.

  6. not only because of players do less dims, we also go from tower to tower now, from moment we have that system, for a while now, we find less dims. exploir dims like before and you find them again, atleast more then tower to tower. Found 3 in last 2 weeks, all 3 visible.

  7. i mean mines ofcourse. not dims..

  8. There are so many timewasting, micromanaging things about Wartune that makes you want to quit. You actually spend very little time in real fights in a wargame. Dimensions are just the worst for time wasting. The solution would be simple; make expert 10 levels but triple the energy consumption for posts. But making our lives easier has never been wartune dev’s M.O.

  9. I must thank dollygames & Becker. I can now focus on collecting materials to make Loki.

  10. Wartune is nerftune. They silently nerfed the amount of bound balens given by check-in. Previously we got 310 for 10 days. But now it’s down to 170.

    • I disagree, we get 170 per 10 days in the current format + 100 per day (+3 Fashion Cores) possibility via 300 devotion which did not exist before
      – Cosmos

  11. One thing not mentioned here, is that the dimension bonuses only affect crystal resists. Resists that come from titans or charge fragments, are unaffected by dimensions.

    • you mean first the % from dimension is applied and only after that the % from other places are applied?
      or each % is first calculated on base and applied separately?
      i don’t think i have seen any study on this, so if you have any specific details please share
      – Cosmos

      • when i did the math, the only way to get it to add up was… (crystal resists x dimension bonus) + titan res, and charge fragment resists) then take that number, and multiply it by the talent bonus. (sorry for the late reply)

      • there goes my anonymity… with 6 lvl12 water crystals, 1 expert water dim,2500 from titan, 300 from charge fragments, and 815 from sylph, and level 1 water/light talent its [(21960×1.60)+2500+300+815] x 1.10 = 42626.1, and with this setup i have 42626 water res. so dimensions only affect crystal res. Sylphs,titan, and charge fragments are added to that, then everything is multiplied by the kh talent bonus

  12. Hi cosmos u got any analysis regarding balen mine drop rate from dimensions?
    Also most suitable dimension to farm balens?

    • we did try to work on this long ago, but there were no conclusive findings
      to my knowledge there is absolutely no difference in element type
      if you have the time i suggest just doing Expert dimensions, but since people started walking door to door much less mines are found (due to people’s laziness) so if you want to find a balance between buffs and mines then do a lower grade dimensions where you also explore all lines
      – Cosmos

      • thanks cosmos

      • does fusion spirit affect use of bound balens too?

      • it is supposed to only offset the cost of merging, but nobody knows at present by how much

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