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Tip for Players who Almost Never do Dimensions

Hey guys, I know that some players are either very sick of Dimensions in Wartune or don’t have time to do them at all, so in this short post I want to share a simple tip that might help you.

Why this Logic / Tip works?

You see the Dimensions are setup in such a way that you always get the full rewards – it is just a matter of how fast you get them. Completing all levels or stages in 1 day gets you rewards in the fastest time but also destroys the Dimension as fast as possible.

You can however get the full rewards of a Dimension by only completing few levels (usually right before round numbers is best such as up to 9.5 instead of full 10).

Dimensions Tip

So what you can do if you are sick of dimensions and never do them or if you just don’t have time is to open up an Expert Dimension (get for free via Autaric Archaeology or Advanced Guild Shop) and complete ONLY 4.5 levels / stages of it and nothing more. 4.5 means only 1 base out of the 2 kills on level 5 which is the first level with 2 bases.

Doing this sets the death rate of the Dimension at only 2.5%, which means for 40 days you can do nothing at all.

While at the same time you will receive some rewards every single day:

  • Small boost to your Resistance of almost 1%
  • Small daily reward of 720 resistance crystal shards and 240 will crystal shards for 40 days!

If you are a non-VIP player you can do this with 2 Dimensions getting double rewards for 40 days!

Best Timing & Additional Rewards

Roughly once per month there is a cycle of events giving rewards for doing dimensions. So you can setup your dimensions during these events 1 time per month and get additional rewards. As you would do say 4.5 levels, this is 5 towers / posts / bases, which is the 1st tier of rewards:

  • Occupy Dimensional Post event: Tier 1 = 5 Posts
  • Dimensional Trial event: Tier 1 = Do 5 battles
  • and Dimensional Energy consumption: Tier 1 = 1000 Energy burned

Oh and you will naturally also receive the rewards for the 5 towers that you take down which may include level 4 resistance crystals.

In Wartune every little bit adds up and this benefits you for practically no effort 1 time per month.

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  1. we get the dimensión events twice per month not once is on a cycle between the other 7 day events like getting honor, sylph arena etc.

    • It s once per month -.-

      • wana check again?
        this event started 5th of may and if you look at the events last time we had them was 21 of april and the one before that on 7th
        do the calcs yourself and it 14 days between them

  2. this tip is cool ty =)

    • Glad you liked it, thanks for appreciating 🙂

  3. i do 5 level on expert, it consume around 3% per day since last year 😛

  4. Expert shouldn’t be 30 levels. It should be 10 levels, but 3x the energey consumption. Then everyone would do them. Now, it’s such a grind and so tedious.

  5. Thanks I like this way I for one will be doing this

    • 🙂

  6. watched this 9.5 expert lvls tip in an old video of yours , you mentioned it very quicly and i’ve been doing it for a while and it’s realy great saving time effort with realy good rewards . but i didn’t know that im taking all rewards eventually , so thank you Cosmos very much ♥

    • you are welcome manar! 🙂
      best of luck!
      – Cosmos

  7. Hi, some nice tips there, dimensions get me realy bored so if may i’ll leave a couple of tips here for those that are most interested in dims to grab the rewards from hot events.

    1st – grab a intermediate coordinate and a expert coordinate and open both.

    2nd – capture 3 posts on expert dimension then leave and enter the intermediate dim.

    3rd – complete the intermediate dim wich as 17 pots and we will reach the 20 needed for the event while doing that we can easily also reach the 50 kills needed by continuing killing the mobs.

    On the next day delete the intermediate dim and open another intermediate dim, do more 3 posts on the expert and change to the intermediate following same basics.
    Dims are cheap in the guild so deleting wont be a problem.

    My last tip as to do with eudaemons skills and ill just give a tip based on the eudaemons i use, main battle oracle and awakened wind ranger.
    On battle oracle leave only 2 skills:
    Damnationand and Rain of Fire, can also leave the delphic Radiant Judgment but it isn’t realy necessary.

    On Wind Ranger leave also only 2 skills:
    Arrow Storm and Rampage.

    With this Eudaemon setup we only have skills that hit all wich leads to faster mobs killing reducing the time we spend doing dims. If readers of this topic use diferent Eudaemon that this ones then just see the skills that hit all and use those only.

    Hope the tip was helpfull.

    • thanks for sharing your suggestions

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