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Friendliness or Friendship in Wartune

Hey guys, this is gonna be a post about Friendliness or Friendship in Wartune and it may not be long but it is surely important to know. This is the kind of information that nobody tells people so people miss out on these bonuses. The general thinking is that people give each other roses, etc for fun and not so many know that there are nice bonuses connected with Friendliness or Friendship.

So on the picture below you can see that already on level 4 friendship you get extra 700 health which is very much achievable and a nice additional bonus.

On level 6 is the dream of archers with +150 critical damage, but of course harder to get to.

You can increase friendship by:

  • Energizing the tree of your friends
  • Completing dungeons together
  • Giving each other Roses (1 rose, 11 roses, 99 roses or 999 roses)
  • Melding Sylphs (in the farm)

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