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Future Dimension Synth and Max Gold

Hey guys, perhaps in the future we will have the possibility to synthesize dimensions to higher grade. Here, thanks to Darrkin, we can see Wartune China doing that with 2 intermediate = 1 advanced or 2 advanced = 1 expert (and 1 other strange synthesis we are not sure of). But that said I don’t think it will be soon for us in the West because R2 would block this i think.

Max Gold in Wartune

And also an interesting / useful tip from Daniel (thanks!): Do you know the max gold you can carry in Wartune even after the cap is reached is 2,147,483,646. Daniel sold 9999 stacks of horses twice sadly and he got 0 gold from the 2nd stacks I sold. So I basically wasted 2 bill gold. Careful!
Hope this helps you,
Cheers, Cosmos

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  1. That max gold count looks accurate. The maximum size of a signed 32 bit integer (which is most likely the number of bytes flash uses to store integers) is 2,147,483,647.
    I’m sorry to hear you lost so much gold.

    • Which is odd considering flash supports unsigned integers, potentially making the cap ~4,294,967,294. Programming/administrator oversight?

      • From what I’ve read, it is actually advised to not use unsigned integers except for some rare circumstances, such as performing bit-level instructions. Using them for other purposes introduces tricky bugs.
        And also, 2.1 billion gold is a ton. Would you think that when the first version of the game was made, the programmers ever thought someone would have such an outlandish amount of gold? Changing that now might require many changes in the game code and database, and I don’t think they want extra work just to support gold way beyond the warehouse limit.

      • Don’t know about you, but I manage to save up ~1Bil between holy forge events as it is.

        They could use floating point numbers instead of int and uint numbers. ( Again potentially buggy as you pointed out, even more so than uint; not to mention the work that would go into it ) It’s more than just gold though, world boss health is capped at 1.2bil give or take? Would be nice to participate in a world boss that didn’t last 7 minutes at most.

  2. Hi, first time i see this website and i see in all images there is wrote, why? Wartune belong to r2games / 7road not to “dolygames”. You can’t put the copyright on a game is not yours, careful, it’s not legit.
    Have a good day

    • This is a wartune blog that gives information and advice for the game,they don’t claim wartune as their own game.

  3. other looks like a “weekly empire crusade”, if the description say comsume 200 stamina to use it and increase mpd attempt by 1 last 1 week 😛

  4. so how are you guys getting so much gold ? World battle last two turns in my server between Wb and Di Bi maybe farm where you getting all that gold ?

    • i think only big cashers who pay for kitten club can reach these quantities or maybe super active players doing everything with a couple of alt account tricks maybe; but i have never been close to this personally 🙂

      • Write a ticket to get the gold back. A guild use did the same thing and lost 1.6 B in gold. Took a month but he got it back.

    • 35 days without spending I calculated(non casher) if I am 100% active. however only like 60% active and that will make it more like 70-80 days :p

      So not so hard to get it.

  5. i think we not need to get gold till max to save it
    just buy animals from farm and save theme its stack till 9999
    1000 cow = 200m gold

  6. 2^31 = 2,147,483,647, if so gold is capped due to it’s only allowed 31 bits of date, increased to 32 would make the cap 4,294,967,294.

  7. Thanks for the info! Good to know!

  8. Thank you, useful hint!

  9. Wartunes does not belong to R2

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