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Wartune Cutie Profiles – UNDEAD CRUSADER

Hi Everyone! I am doing article series on Wartune’s Cuties with 1 profile per Cutie to help show and discuss everything about each one in one dedicated post. This article focuses on THE UNDEAD CRUSADER.

Cutie Name: Undead Crusader


STATS: 1 star
2 stars (projected)
3 stars (projected)
PATK: 54,096 136,863 275,095
PDEF: 49,749 125,865 252,989
MATK: 48,108 121,713 244,643
MDEF: 41,283 104,446 209,936
Crit: 9,292 23,509 47,253
Penetration: 9,292 23,509 47,253
Block: 10,587 26,785 53,838
HP: 314,820 796,495 1,600,955

Accessory: Bell

Reference: Link to stat changes from 1 to 2 to 3 stars.

Attack Rank:

7 out of 13

Modified Attack including Crit Rank:

8 out of 14

Defense Rank:

6 out of 14

HP Rank:

6 out of 14


84% (out of 100% which is the best)

Reference: link to all Cutie ranking graphs.


  • Skill 1: single front row damage (max 240% physical)
  • Skill 2: reflects damage (max 20% with ceiling 200k for 3 turns)
  • Skill 3: creates a shield on himself (max 40% of his Max HP for 3 turns)


PVP Support Ability

  • Judgement: NO
  • Since Cuties cannot be attacked in PvP his shields are useless.

If 4v4 Cuties Arena exists

  • Judgement: Not ideal
  • While he could be placed in front to act as a tank, the chances are high that the enemy team will not have Cuties with only front damage.

Demon Continent (Goddesses):

  • Judgement (1v4 MOB fights): NO, he cannot help with this at all.
  • Judgement (1v3 –> 1v1 BOSS fights): NO, same reason as PvP, the boss will not be attacking him making his shields useless.

Cutie Expedition:

  • Judgement (1v1 boss fight): Not ideal / maybe. To stand in front acting as the damage absorbing tank, but any boss that can do AOE or hit the back row will make him redundant.


  • Very good tank if you can make the enemy focus on him.
  • OK / Decent stats.
  • Only Cutie of this type (tank with shields).


  • No real team support
  • No support in a group fight.
  • Having 2 shields and 1 basic damage skill, he does not dish out much damage.


Undead Crusader seems to have been created to be the tank. Perhaps the idea was to put him in the front row to absorb damage. The problem with this is there is no “Taunt” in Wartune to force the enemy to target him so the enemies will often bypass him and hit other targets significantly reducing his effectiveness.

Therefore, as it stands now, while the Undead Crusader is interesting as he is the only one of his kind, I cannot recommend any Wartune player to choose this Cutie.

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