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Wartune Cutie Profiles – GLADITUS

Hi Everyone! I am doing article series on Wartune’s Cuties with 1 profile per Cutie to help show and discuss everything about each one in one dedicated post. This article focuses on GLADITUS.

Cutie Name: Gladitus


STATS: 1 star
PATK: 50,568
PDEF: 43,460
MATK: 45,988
MDEF: 39,572
Crit: 8,062
Penetration: 8,358
Block: 8,587
HP: 248,785

Accessory: Sachet

Reference: Link to stat changes from 1 to 2 to 3 stars.

Attack Rank:

11 out of 13

Modified Attack including Crit Rank:

12 out of 14

Defense Rank:

10 out of 14

HP Rank:

12 out of 14


75% (out of 100% which is the best)

Reference: link to all Cutie ranking graphs.


  • Skill 1: single front row damage (max 240% physical)
  • Skill 2: damage to a line / row of enemies (max 240% magic)
  • Skill 3: increases his own HP and Max HP by (maximum of 30%)


PVP Support Ability
Judgement: Not ideal

If 4v4 Cuties Arena exists
Judgement: so so (row but low stats)

Gladitus has a little bit better stats than the lower end of Cuties, but he has little to support the team in a potential Cutie Arena 4v4 situation (where only the row damage is potentially useful, but it is also not a full AOE) and almost not at all useful in PvP where he would be contributing only with damage, which is not ideal for PvP.


  • Not very strong PROS
  • His row attack may be nice in some situations
  • And he has a better stats than the weakest Cuties


  • No real team support
  • Not really good in either 1v1 or Team fights


I think Gladitus is a bit of a weird Cutie in Wartune. He has a little bit of something but is not really good at anything. He does not have any powerful 1v1 skill nor does he have a full AOE or buffs/debuffs to help support the Team or any group battle. Therefore I must say that I cannot recommend using this Cutie at all in any Wartune situation.

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