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1 Star, 2 Star and 3 Star Cutie stat changes | Wartune Patch 8.5

Hey everyone! In this article we focus on the Cutie stat changes from 1 to 2, to 3 stars. And we also look at what effect a difference on 1 star level makes when we project it as a difference between 3 stars.

I am going to use the Tauren Gladiator to illustrate the stats / differences / effects:

1 star to 2 stars

On this table please observe that the stats increase by 153% with the exception of MDEF which rises by 181%. Not sure if the latter is specific to the Tauren Gladiator or it is maybe a mistake by the devs.

Tauren Gladiator 1 star 2 stars change
PATK 58,212 147,015 153%
MATK 51,804 130,831 153%
Avg. ATK 55,008 138,923 181%
PDEF 52,390 132,313 153%
MDEF 45,571 127,867 181%
Avg. DEF 48,981 130,090 153%
Crit 10,351 26,142 153%
Penetration 10,468 26,439 153%
Block 9,882 24,957 153%
HP 331,808 837,985 153%

2 stars to 3 star Cutie

On this table please observe that the stats increase by 101% without any exceptions.

Tauren Gladiator 2 stars 3 stars change
PATK 147,015 295,020 101%
MATK 130,831 262,544 101%
Avg. ATK 138,923 278,782 101%
PDEF 132,313 265,518 101%
MDEF 127,867 256,596 101%
Avg. DEF 130,090 261,057 101%
Crit 26,142 52,460 101%
Penetration 26,439 53,056 101%
Block 24,957 50,082 101%
HP 837,985 1,681,614 101%

If you have the 3 Star stats of other Cuties please post in the comments either the stats or the screenshot.

Difference on 1 star level projected as difference on 3 star level

Now that we know the first jump of 153% and the second jump of 101% we can look at 3 interesting examples:

Wolf Demon Eye Lizard
1 star PDEF 41,885 47,040 54,745
Difference Wolf – Eye 5,155
Difference Wolf – Lizard 12,860
Difference Eye – Lizard 7,705

So now if we look at their difference on a 2 star level in this example:

Wolf Demon Eye Lizard
Projected to 2 stars 64,084 71,971 83,760
Difference Wolf – Eye 7,887 53% vs 1 star difference
Difference Wolf – Lizard 19,676 53% vs 1 star difference
Difference Eye – Lizard 11,789 53% vs 1 star difference

And finally, the differences on a 3 star level:

Wolf Demon Eye Lizard
Projected to 3 stars 98,049 110,116 128,153
Difference Wolf – Eye 12,067 134% vs 1 star difference
Difference Wolf – Lizard 30,104 134% vs 1 star difference
Difference Eye – Lizard 18,037 134% vs 1 star difference


  • We saw that there is a huge jump from a 1 star to a 2 star Cutie. It seems to be a 153% increase.
  • We also saw that from a 2 star to a 3 star Cutie the stats double (up by 101%). I actually expected more because it is much more difficult to make a 3 star than a 2 star, but it is still a very significant increase.
  • And finally we saw that even a modest difference of stats between 1 star cuties becomes a significantly larger difference on a 3 star level – more than double. So roughly a 5k difference becomes a 12k difference and a 13k difference becomes a 30k difference. For this reason the graphs I posted previously are very helpful to see the differences in stats of the various Cuties in Wartune.

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  1. Stats for Demon Eye:
    1 Star 2 Star 3 Star
    PATK 58800 148500 298000
    PDEF 47040 118800 238400
    MATK 54684 138105 277140
    MDEF 40924 129195 259260
    Crit 10466 26433 53044
    Pene 10584 26730 53640
    Bloc 10936 27021 55428
    HP 338688 855360 1716480

  2. Ty vm for all the hard work might I add graver lvl 30-32-34on aurtauric plains

    • bless you
      you know about leaves?

  3. I beat the map 3
    I beat using Tauren Gladiator L78 (skill level 1st L2 and 2nd L3)
    Lizard L45 (skill level 1st L1 and 2nd L2)
    and Void Ghost L44 and these cuties skill level (skill level 1st L1 and 2nd L1)

    I think Tauren Gladirtor and lizard has a best def and with crite best attack too

    only reason I didn’t used Eye, eye has less def

  4. The big question is how much exp will the 3rd upgrade section take? Does anyone have any of the values for level 82 or above?

    • I just recently made a 3 star cutie, but only to level 40 so far. Not sure I want to see what type of jump it makes above level 80.

    • lv 80 and up go over 1.5 mil exp so about a day per lv since we cant adv to next map so we are stuck at 1031 exp per min

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