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Wartune Cutie Profiles – SHENNA’S AVENGER

Hi Everyone! I am doing article series on Wartune’s Cuties with 1 profile per Cutie to help show and discuss everything about each one in one dedicated post. This article focuses on SHENNA’S AVENGER.

Cutie Name: Shenna’s Avenger


STATS: 1 star
2 stars (projected)
3 stars (projected)
PATK: 55,272 139,838 281,074
PDEF: 48,049 121,564 244,344
MATK: 54,157 137,017 275,404
MDEF: 46,630 117,974 237,128
Crit: 9,590 24,263 48,769
Penetration: 9,823 24,852 49,953
Block: 8,242 20,852 41,913
HP: 321,645 813,762 1,635,662

Accessory: Sachet

Reference: Link to stat changes from 1 to 2 to 3 stars.

Attack Rank:

6 out of 13

Modified Attack including Crit Rank:

6 out of 14

Defense Rank:

4 out of 14

HP Rank:

3 out of 14


87% (out of 100% which is the best)

Reference: link to all Cutie ranking graphs.


  • Skill 1: double shot, officially 2 random targets, (TBC) 2 x on 1 target (max 2x 155% physical)
  • Skill 2: damage to 1 enemy + debuff increase their damage taken (max 20% for 3 turns)
  • Skill 3: AOE (area) attack (the only true AOE from all current Cuties)(max 165% physical)


PVP Support Ability

  • Judgement: Not ideal / so so
  • Shenna’s Avenger does not have any ability to support the team, so she would mostly be helping with damage output and if you can get the enemy hero alone she can help increase the damage received.

If 4v4 Cuties Arena exists

  • Judgement: YES (only true AOE Cutie)
  • Shenna’s Avenger is unique in that she has a true AOE hitting all enemy targets. No other Cutie (at present) has a true AOE. This would help greatly in a 4v4.

Demon Continent (Goddesses):

  • Judgement (1v4 MOB fights): YES because of the AOE to hit them all.
  • Judgement (1v3 –> 1v1 BOSS fights): YES, especially after the 2 mobs are killed so that she can help increase the damage the boss receives with her debuff.

Cutie Expedition:

  • Judgement (1v1 boss fight): YES mostly because of her ability to increase the damage received by the boss.


  • The only Cutie at present with a true AOE attack.
  • Above average stats (still a good amount below the best but very solid nevertheless).
  • Her ability to debuff 1 enemy to receive more damage.


  • For her debuff she needs a 1v1 battle, but there her AOE is very weak. And in a team battle her debuff becomes unpredictable. So she is neither here nor there.
  • While the stats are above average the skill damage % is low, 155%, 200% and 165% while some other Cuties go as high as 300%.


Shenna’s Avenger is interesting, but also confusing. She is the only Wartune Cutie with a true AOE, but the damage amount (max 165%) is low and in a team battle you never know where her debuff will land. And if you use her in a 1v1 to benefit from her debuff on the enemy then you suffer from lower damage output from lower % skills. However, her stats are above average which will help lift up those damage numbers.

Therefore I can recommend Wartune players to consider choosing this Cutie as she has something for any situation even if she would not be perfect for every situation.

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  1. The 155% attack twice skill CAN hit one enemy (making it 310% in a 1v1) so she is far better than your guide suggests.

    • Hi, thanks for confirming, but the conclusions / recommendations in this guide do not change based on a damage % of the 1st skill. I have written an explanation for each point.
      Furthermore, 155% twice is definitely not the same as 310%. I can explain that to you with a basic simplified example: If I have 10 armor and you do 15 damage then I will get 15-10=5 damage. If, however, the damage is 30 then I would get 30-10=20 damage. So 2 x 155% is a lot less than 1 x 310%.

      • A great response. You did over-simplify though. With so many factors going into damage calculation these days. For example, two attacks means two chances to crit or be blocked, RES reduction can make defenses almost useless, etc. Still a great point you made, but Wartune is more complex than that.

      • Yes, I agree, I did make a very simplified example as stated.
        The main point was that her damage % of her 1st skill has no influence at all on the analysis / recommendations I made.
        I almost even don’t care what damage % the 1st skill does, I analyze the Cuties based on what they can do and how they can support.
        Thank you for taking time to discuss.

  2. It is also worth noting that against low def enemies 155 x 2 can be better. 155 vs 5 def is 150 (x2) so 300 but 300 vs 5 def is 295.

    • You did not subtract the defense 2 times. Any multiple smaller attack is worse than 1 big attack, because in 1 big attack the defense value is counted 1 time. So taking your example:
      155 v 5 = 150
      155 v 5 = 150
      so that makes a total of 300
      while a 1 time
      310 v 5 = 305 which is more exactly by the amount of the 2nd counted defense
      (you also took 300 vs 310, 155 x 2 = 310)

      • Your point this time is bad because there are no cuties that have a 310 attack only 300. We are comparing her to them. My point is that 2 attacks is NOT always worse than 1. It can also be good in attacking two enemies of course. You are correct that % based buffs and debuffs are most important (and heals) but do not judge her too harshly because of her first attack. It is the strongest first attack of all cuties.

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