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Wartune Cutie Profiles – DEMON EYE

Hi Everyone! I am doing article series on Wartune’s Cuties with 1 profile per Cutie to help show and discuss everything about each one in one dedicated post. This article focuses on THE DEMON EYE.

Cutie Name: Demon Eye


STATS: 1 star
2 stars
3 stars
PATK: 58,800 148,500 298,000
PDEF: 47,040 118,800 238,400
MATK: 54,684 138,105 277,140
MDEF: 40,924 129,195 259,260
Crit: 10,466 26,433 53,044
Penetration: 10,584 26,730 53,640
Block: 10,936 27,021 55,428
HP: 338,688 855,360 1,716,480

Accessory: Fists

Reference: Link to stat changes from 1 to 2 to 3 stars.

Attack Rank:

1 out of 13

Modified Attack including Crit Rank:

2 out of 14

Defense Rank:

9 out of 14

HP Rank:

1 out of 14


93% (out of 100% which is the best)

Reference: link to all Cutie ranking graphs.


  • Skill 1: single front row damage (max 240% physical)
  • Skill 2: random row damage (max 240% magic)
  • Skill 3: damage on 1 + chance (50%) to stun for 2 turns


PVP Support Ability

  • Judgement: Only if you want stun chance
  • Demon Eye is the only Cutie in Wartune which has a chance to stun. Although the effectiveness of stun has reduced greatly with Cutie Accessories, a chance is still a chance and if the enemy hero is stunned successfully then naturally that is greatly helpful. Otherwise if the stun fails Demon Eye will only help with some damage output.

If 4v4 Cuties Arena exists

  • Judgement: So so / Maybe Yes.
  • Demon Eye can help the team with the row damage skill but since it is random it is very unpredictable and hard to plan for. Similar to that is the stun skill which is also unpredictable. So if all stars align perfectly then Demon Eye can greatly help the battle, but the chances of that are low.

Demon Continent (Goddesses):

  • Judgement (1v4 MOB fights): Not ideal, just a row attack, but no AOE.
  • Judgement (1v3 –> 1v1 BOSS fights): If Demon Eye’s stun works on the bosses here then 100% YES, otherwise NO.

Cutie Expedition:

  • Judgement (1v1 boss fight): So so / Maybe. It will only be doing 1v1 damage (a decent amount) but not supporting the team in any way.


  • The only Cutie at present with a chance to stun the enemy.
  • Very good stats supporting both damage and survivability.


  • No AOE and row attack is unpredictable. Not great in a group fight.
  • No skills to support the team.


I feel like Demon Eye is a Cutie for gamblers / risk takers. 2 of its skills are luck based. The stun might work or not. The row attack might hit the right row or it might not. If it all works then Demon Eye is great, otherwise its effectiveness is greatly reduced.

The stats, however, are very good and their benefit works 100% of the time.

Therefore I can recommend Wartune players to consider picking this Cutie. It might work out great, otherwise, if not, Demon Eye is still solid.

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  1. Skill 1 “Ball Lighting” is MATK/MDMG.

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