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War Remains Exchange Drops Report

Hi everyone! In this article I share my report on War Remains exchange to understand what drops / settings the Wartune team used on all the items. This is both for curiosity and understanding their mindset to help with future expectations.

So, on the picture & table report below you can see the results. The report is based on 3193 chests of data, which is a very good sample size to accurately estimate item drops & expectations.

The Main Finding

  • The vast majority of drops are the event mini item – Belial Code , which fell nearly from 90% of all chests. That means all the other items constitute only 10% of the drops.
  • (As written in the footnotes, but again to highlight, the RARE ITEM in this exchange event guarantees 1 drop of The Pink Baron +200 Mount. This report is not about the Rare Drop but about all the normal or regular drops.)

Secondary Findings

  • Equated items: Smelting Stones, Advanced Mahra, Advanced Sepulcrum,¬†Wraithstone and Polishing Orbs have been “made equal” with similar quantity drops of average 82.6 pieces dropped from the 3193 exchanges. So perhaps someone in the Wartune team thinks that 82 units of Polishing Orbs is the same value as 82 units of Advanced Sepulcrum, which, of course, would be a stupid proposition. So this part of the job I think was done badly by the Wartune team and what they could do is reshuffle the drops to reflect the importance of the item instead of having same quantities. For example some players literally throw out of their bags Advanced Sepulcrum and Advanced Mahra and making those items equal to Smelting Stones and Polishing Orbs is just not logical.
  • Advanced Henna quantity is good or great for all players who have not maxed out their Tattoos. In this data set we see 4000 Advanced Henna from the 3193 chests which I think is very good. Naturally those players who have maxed out already would not care too much, but I would not suggest you toss out the Henna but to gather to “throw out” during Advanced Henna events to be able to collect event item rewards.
  • 2nd mount drop?¬† It is not clear for me what is the purpose of adding a “1 in 3200” exchanges The Pink Baron (+200) mount when 1200 exchanges guarantees the drop. This is not intelligent at all. Furthermore the mount is not recyclable so even if players get 1-2 lucky extra mount drops they cannot do anything with them. So some players sell/throw the extras away while others end up storing them for months or years hoping for it to become recyclable again. Both of those cases create frustration for players. For the 1st group it is very unpleasant to throw out a mount card. For the 2nd group, players start having inventory / full bag problems, which are frustrating. I am not suggesting to remove the mount drop from normal items as I think that’s a good idea, but I am suggesting that it should be done properly, i.e. either by making it recyclable or exchangeable for some nice rewards or a pack of event items.

War Remains Exchange Report Image / Table:

This is a large and very clear picture. If it opens small or blurry for you click on it to see bigger / clearer.

(Bullet) Table: Total Drops from 3193 Exchanges:

(excluding Rare Item)

  • Belial Code (event item): 2811 pieces
  • Smelting Stones: 76 stones
  • Advanced Mahra: 113 pieces
  • Advanced Sepulcrum: 64 pieces
  • Wraithstone: 87 pieces
  • Advanced Henna: 4000 units
  • Polishing Orbs: 73 Orbs
  • The Pink Baron (+200): 1 mount(s)


  • Did you like my report?
  • Did anything in the findings surprise you? Did you expect something different?
  • Do you agree or disagree with my findings regarding the settings used by the Wartune team?

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  1. So far I have exchanged 4495 war remains and got 5 Pink Baron cards!

    The Pumpkin Carriage became recyclable after only a short time, so I hope the same is going to apply for the Pink Baron.

    • Agree. it’s usually 2-4 months, usually well worth keeping unless you are a hoarder of huge amounts of junk. One of my alts has 2 in storage already for only about 1800 remains. I intend to collect enough for one in my vault as well.

      I didn’t finally make Equestrian on my server set by throwing away beast shards (I don’t cash for them every 2 weeks now either)

  2. Your report was on point.

  3. Did anybody else tried to equip the “war of roses” cloth set with the “pink baron” mount? it looks pretty good but the mount looked too big, but the colors do match very well.

  4. 1978 war remains used so far 3 days togo and

    got 3 red barons

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