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The WAR REMAINS Event Confusion

Hey everyone! Here we will discuss the confusion related to the event item “War Remains” in Wartune. This was launched in April/May 2018 allowing Wartune players to collect War Remains via Gift Piles in the Cloud City and then exchange them on a special exchange in the Hot Events.

The problem / confusion?

Players collected A LOT more War Remains than they could use. This created a confusion:

  • Is another exchange coming?
  • What am I supposed to do with all the extra items?

Well, not surprisingly there is no support from the managers/owners of the game, but I do have a theory as to what happened which gives the answer which I believe is the case.

My theory:

I believe that the Wartune admins made a mistake in the mount cost forgetting one extra zero thus making the mount costing 200 War Remains (or 1 in front) instead of what I suspect was supposed to be 1200 or 2000. This makes sense as you see the mount is cheaper than even Wings, which is highly unusual.

After making this mistake they went to party or whatever (i.e. not monitoring the situation) and so the “night” players and the active Wartune player managed to collect sufficient War Remains within 1 day and exchange for the mount. After this happened it was too late to correct their mistake so it seems they decided to keep quiet and not talk about it. They figured anyways they were planning to give this mount for free, so there is no big deal if players got it earlier or later.

What they fail to understand is such continuous unprofessional behavior of making mistakes, not communicating properly, looking like fools, etc, all results in them earning a bad reputation in the eyes of Wartune players.

Was it possible to correct the mistake?

After some percentage of players benefit, no, I think it was not possible to correct it. But what they could do is make an honest communication via an in-game mail explaining the situation, saying sorry for the confusion and maybe giving some crappy reward / exchange option for the extra War Remains such as 1 = 200,000 gold or 10 = 1 Cast Stone or something similar. This would show to Wartune players professionalism, responsibility, ownership, clear communication, etc.

So what to do with the current situation?

At present there is no other exchange visible or upcoming and the current War Remains Exchange is finishing in 1 day. So if your inventory is totally full you can throw away the additional items. If you do have one space in your vault you can keep those extra items in case they open something using War Remains in the future, but the chance of this is very low. Usually they use new items for new events exactly for this reason so that players don’t keep items for later.

Also I suggest don’t stress too much about it. Players got a mount and clothing (which you probably had) so consider it free extra rewards. Yes, indeed it is frustrating to have that Gift Pile collection time wasted but that’s that.

One exception: If someone used money for the blessing potions to get more War Remains then I think you have a good case to demand your money back by creating a ticket for game support (even if they have a horrible reputation you can try at least).

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  1. thank you COSMOS, it makes sense

    • 🙂

  2. well Cosmo i wosnt shure but 1 of my budies confirment that well this War remains was already before and this is 2nd time they repete so i will say its better to save them but if they come again R2 will probobly give again those piles of gifts to get them

    • Yes, if have bag space always good to keep.

      • you must be terrible self manager if with 5 pages inventory and 3 vault pages you not have space lol. allways mail system is final decision too. so why the hell are you complaining? useless article. we will use items next event, no big deal.

      • I simply suggested to him to keep item if he has bag space, i don’t know what your problem is. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of your bed and decided to be rude today…
        – COSMOS

      • I think you already are to old, not only to remember, but also to read your line text… what you wrote. So i help you: “if have bag space”… IF you want to suggest, simply suggest him in case he not have big space, how to have big space. IF you not do that, every event when he have problems, will be same dialogue. But of course, for that you need a bit of logical brain connections… at your age i understand they all are braking bad.

      • You not only lack knowledge, but more important than that you lack basic human decency. When you grow up and learn how to speak to other human beings then we can have a discussion. Until such a date you are more than welcome to never visit my blog.
        – COSMOS

      • I have brought arguments. You just behave as a dictator. If is YOUR blog, add user and password. So only who log in, can read it, if you want to comment your articles only people that have NO RIGHT to have different opinions than yours. I live in a free world, not in North Korea, mr. Cosmos Jong Un.

      • Bringing arguments RESPECTFULLY has never been a problem, there are thousands of comments on this blog proving the fact that many of us are more than happy to discuss and disagree while being respectful and polite to one another. The problem is your aggressive non-human attitude. Living in a “free world” does not give you the right to start a conversation by insulting the person you attempt to speak with.
        Furthermore, the fact that you reference North Korea and call me Cosmos Jong Un shows that you are fully brainwashed by your state media and have not taken the responsibility to do your own research to find the actual truth about various countries including your own. That, in itself, is not surprising as your primary method of approaching unfamiliar people is to insult them.
        Your behavior shows who you are. The fact that you approach another person with insults shows a lack of upbringing and a lack of morality. The fact that you do not know why someone may not have bag space shows your lack of knowledge of Wartune as well as your ignorance of preferences of other players. That also illustrates your arrogance in believing that your way is the only way.
        If some bad things happened in your life which made you this way I am sorry about that. Life can be very tough sometimes and a lot of people and kids end up in some very bad situations. This is always very sad. That said I do hope that you find the strength to overcome whatever issues you may have and I will be happy to have a respectful discussion with you in the future whenever you are ready for that.
        – COSMOS

  3. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. Was wondering what was up so I actually stopped collecting because I only needed the mount and the wings. I just waited to see if there would be any new developments but there were none. I have to agree with your statement: very unprofessional.

  4. What event is next?

  5. The theory might be true.But I guess it will be 1200 instead of 2000 as we got a mount by exchanging 1200 war remains 3 or 4 weeks earlier.And more importantly your decision is not acceptable since we had that war remains before and it is exactly the same item,not a new item with a same name.

    • Thanks for the observation, I updated the article with that option in addition.

  6. What event is next cosmos?Should i exchange all stopwatch?

  7. Well, for this time, I’d really rather you just tell players that there’s no exchange for the extras, instead of posting this theory, which might make our next gift piles exchange harder if the devs bother to read your blog. Just saying.

    • Do you have a difficulty in reading? It is clearly written “At present there is no other exchange visible or upcoming ” for the War Remains.
      I cannot say more clearly than that, I am a Wartune player, not Nostradamus, I cannot know what Wartune admins or devs will do in the future, but I did give them possible solutions of what they could do if they do read this article.
      – COSMOS

      • No, you reminded them of something they shouldn’t do, that was all.

      • Problem is not with the “possible solutions” part, but the hypothesis about the mount exchange to be 1200 or 2000 instead of 200. It had been an easy week for us all. We don’t want them to change it to 1200 or 2000 next time. That was asking for trouble.

      • That price is not a hypothesis, that is a historic fact which repeated multiple times over years. Giving an explanation to confused players asking questions on this subject is not “asking for trouble”. If you were not one of the confused players and had no problem collecting items you cannot use then this article is clearly not for you, however, I do not see why you are attacking me for explaining to players who are confused on this subject what I think happened with it – this is a Wartune blog after all.
        – COSMOS

      • Not attacking you, understand your motive, and thanks for taking the time to write up this article, but when the devs made something easier for all, regardless of reason, we just don’t want to wake them up.

        Our suggestion to you isn’t implausible. We just noticed something happened in the game. Not long ago (less than a month), some had mentioned Dragonchant ATK was typeless on R2’s forum, and then it was “corrected” in the 5/3 maintenance (same day as this article). We understand that changing back the ATK type to match the player’s base character is correctness, but for gameplay it isn’t a positive impact. I had been doing elemental forest and broken space solo, without having the need to sylph or get a willpower of a different attack type, but now I can’t one hit the centaur boss on either map any more, because of his PATK immunity. Just an example.

        Despite the devs never seemed to listen to players or check the forum and blogs, when they did, it could mean something might happen, and often in an undesirable manner. The other likewise matters are complaints against tanks dungeon and bounty targets level not resetting, and now we got this B.S. castle wars and bounty level kept dropping daily. Never underestimate what a good intention or casual mention could result in when we have such devs in charge of the game.

      • Hi, I read and understand and respect your point of view. The difficulty is that this is a Wartune blog and when many players ask me to explain something I cannot write to each person 1 by 1 to hundreds of people, so I write an article to give answers to many players. Of course all things can be used for good or evil, but I am a blogger and that’s what I do, I blog, i.e. write articles. I cannot disrespect Wartune players / my fans / players that ask me for help & answers and not write articles.
        But also please note that good things also happen from my work. For example I started giving strong recommendations not to participate in specific exchanges that were not good for players and after some months we now have lower costs. For example Emblems used to cost 100 are now 40. Many other items can now be exchanged with mini items instead of event chests previously.
        I do make decisions if something is very important to publicly write about that or not, but choosing to not talk about something which might damage players happens very very rarely. In this specific case I do not think it is realistic or fair to expect to have a cheaper mount cost than wings. I think the chances are very high, no matter if i had written this article or not, that they will put the proper cost in the future.
        Thank you for the discussion, we can be respectful with each other and not agree at the same time,

  8. Always good to show respect 😉

    Back to the topic of this exchange, if you compare it to the New Year Hat 2018 (Exchange) event, which gave a better mount (higher attribute raise & flying) for 600 event items, with the item drop rate adjusted from 3/4 to 1 (previous event dropped New Year Hats around 3/4 of the time), a more reasonable price for this mount should be 600 * [1 / (3/4)] = 800. With the clothing set being 300 + 100*3 = 600, we need to collect 800+600=1400 War Remains, which is exactly 100 per day for 14 days. In other words, getting the minimum drop of 1 item per collection and maxing all 100 collection attempts per day, for 14 days straight, everyone could get all items from this exchange. That’s quite reasonable.

    The other thing is, the clothing set for the New Year Hat 2018 Exchange event (Reborn Pheonix) is very old and has been given out to everyone for multiple times. The clothing set for this event, however, is relatively new, never given out before, and clothing shards stopped dropping in bulk amount not long after this clothing set was first introduced. The mount, on the other hand, is old, costs only 2400 beast souls, and its title is half as good as a “full” mount title. In this regard, the clothing set is indeed more precious than the mount, it makes sense for the mount to be cheaper.

    • I agree with your thinking and it would be perfectly fine to have the mount costing 600 or 800. I do not think they do even 10% of that thinking. They have demonstrated multiple times that their knowledge of the game is very low.
      It is also taxing for many players to do 100 collections. Not everyone can play many hours. One time they did 50 collections maximum, not sure if that was a mistake, but that was much nicer. I am certainly not a fan of forcing players to click million times like brainless robots, so I would go with your price recommendation of 600-800 while reducing collections from 100 to 50 while doubling the drop quantity so total remains the same.
      As you know this article was not an analysis of costs, it was simply to explain what’s happening to players who were confused about this event, but I am happy for this additional discussion.
      Thanks for sharing,

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