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VIDEO Patch 7.5 SEA WITCH Willpower Deeper Look, Combat & Tips

Hey everyone, this is a short post to share that I just uploaded a new video on the Patch 7.5 SEA WITCH Willpower which also includes answers to some player questions such as merging of level 10+ Eudaemons.

Here is the video. You can maximize it here and/or you can go watch on DolyGames YouTube channel:

Patch 7.5 SEA WITCH Willpower Deeper Look, Combat & Tips

I also remind you that the MASTER OVERVIEW of Wartune Patch 7.5 is located here where you can find everything about Patch 7.5:

Wartune Patch 7.5 Master OVERVIEW

And finally I remind that I have put all the videos of Patch 7.5 into one YouTube Playlist for your comfort here:

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


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  1. we can have a post with all the skills of willpowers maxed in a single post and all writed? (also with the screenshoots it’s fine anyway.

    • YES!!!

      • is agree also this player ;P .

      • I agree too right?

    • who are you by the way? any way I agree

  2. Big question is if all eud skills are at lvl 5 before merge into willpower, will the willpower skills be all lvl5? If so, then it would take 2000 adv scrolls to get a skill to lvl6 rather than only 1000adv scrolls to one eud before the merge. If this is the case, it is better to max skills in corresponding eud before merging to willpower. Correct?

    • Nope.. you upgrade the skills in the willpower based on the old skills in each eud, so there is zero benefit to holding back. in order to go up you need to upgrade each euda skill individually. The result of an increase in one skill, is an increase in level in the willpower.

      • it looks like from 8/12 thou the willpower also needs a new book to up its level

        Video shows main euda 8/8
        secondary 0/8

        willpower 8/12
        now big question, if you 8/8 both eudas first, will willpower start 12/12. if so, that will be worth it, as the item needed in video i dont think even exists ingame yet.

      • That’s not how it works, you can’t add 8/8 twice to get 12/12, you would still get 8/12

  3. Comment

  4. i may be out of topic here but anyone knows what will happen to all the blood inferno mount shards now that blood inferno will be removed? will we be able to use them in blacksmith? and if so how? getting a permanent incubus dragon or a 7-day one?

    • it seems like the Incubus temporary mount is still there, so maybe they just expect us to use that up and trash the rest; dunno, time will tell

      • time will tell what?

  5. oh and i’m so sorry for being rude not starting my comment by saying hi and congratz for all the great work and effort you are putting in your website 🙂

  6. Hi

    • Hi, for merged eudamon what is better:
      – rise up war emblem and skills before or is more simple after merged?
      – for all 2 eudamon or only for one?
      Ty so Much

      • Only do war emblem on 1 whichever is going to be your main. And it doesn’t really matter if you do it before or after although it makes things a bit simpler to do before since the will power have a huge cap as compared with Eudaes and will take a lot more resources to max

      • ty vm

      • 🙂

  7. Hi Cosmos, thanks for the great post. One question… If you think they will nerf her skills, which Willpower would you recommend as a first Willpower?

    • I think there is no reason to rush at all. We can easily wait a little bit and see if they nerf and/or what changes.

  8. This willpower just made me rage quit the game and not go back to it anytime soon. Titan temple in my server cluster is already hard as hell, fing this ones on titan temple is a nightmare.
    This needs to be nerfed for sure, its healing after healing i cant do nothing there, toons are almost dead the next round they are full again, then its sylph time and comes the friggas, shields for all and healing for all.

    • ammmm what do you mean

  9. I am sorry too

  10. Just to say great work all round…as to willpowers get a sea witch and upgrade oracles damnation skill to 8 to use as a sub…that way you get heals from both willpower and oracle plus damnation hits then at 50% for 3 rounds. Skill books are now appearing in lucky exchange events, so are all the materials for upgrading willpower. Oh and as for Titan Temple it is the same as TOK was, so dont expect it to EVER be fixed, just replaced by something perhaps next year!!!

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