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New Wartune Patch 8.0 coming week of 25 June

Hi everyone! It seems we have a new Wartune Patch 8.0 coming (starting from) next week, the week of 25 June 2018, so perhaps it will be on 25 June itself or the Thursday of that week and I suppose it will start with the launch servers before all servers usually 1 week later. There is no exact 100% sure info at this moment but it is already good and interesting news that we are going to have a new Wartune Patch very soon.

I already have the developer guides for the patch same as all other publishers, but it has been requested not to release this information until after 25 June, so please stay tuned to this blog to get the new Wartune patch 8.0 info + my own guides / analysis / comments to help everyone get the maximum understanding and benefit.

There are a range of changes. I can say that I have 8 documents. As mentioned I cannot release details / guides / explanations at this moment, I will just briefly mention just same names:

  • One feature is a which is a new icon on top menu
  • Another feature is inside guild activities (replacing 2 existing) called Emeraldia
  • Another Wartune feature is inside MP-dungeons called
  • In mounts there is a new Hone Mounts area / sub-system.
  • And more.

I also need to spend hours testing / learning / analyzing / preparing articles / pictures, etc, so it is also lots of work for me to be able to bring everything to you. So support me if you can and otherwise stay tuned I will try to publish articles / videos for you as soon and as best as I can manage.

Here are 2 teaser pictures to end this article:

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So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. Appreciate all the work you do, keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing more info about this patch

    • ❤ thanks for appreciating my work

  2. They have requested that you don’t release information till after the 25th. What favors have they done for you in the past?….. So why do them favors?.

    • Hi, such media requests are normal in publishing work. In “normal” media it is called a “news embargo”. And although companies like R2 break/disrespect the rules as they have done in the past several times by publishing earlier than the requested date or publishing information they were not supposed to do, and other company employees may behave very unprofessionally by posting false information or not replying for months – I do not choose to do that myself (I only control myself – I cannot control what other people do).
      I am a nice person and I am happy to build relationships, so if someone sends me information that I requested and asks me not to publish until a certain hour or date then I am happy to respect their wish to support a professional relationship, because if I would disrespect people then next time they might not wish to communicate with me.
      That said I have been cheated / burned multiple times in the past, but I try to maintain a positive attitude to move forward in life (keyword = “try” as that’s easy to say and hard to do).
      Hope that answers your question,

      • R2 has posted guide already

      • I see they again broke the publishing embargo rules. Well I suppose I am not surprised – they have proven multiple times their lack of any honor and honesty/integrity.
        – COSMOS

  3. i can’t wait the articles about the new patch 🙂 i love your guides/tips

    • Will get them out as fast as I am able to, have to take care of RL problems too 🙂
      ❤ thanks for liking my work
      – COSMOS

  4. Emerelia is a new event that replace to beast guild event, dungeon roulette replace dark dragon invasion… I don´t know tell more from this events, but I think that is a good patch

    • Emeraldia replaces Guild Beast and Altar I believe

  5. A new systyem for mounts coming? yes, that was something I was wishing to come someday. I can’t wait to see more details on the 25th

  6. nice Cosmos

  7. Back in May there was a message on the page about account security. It asked for those people who hadn’t loged in for a while to log into their account between May 25 and June 24 or they’d have to contact customer service to reactivate their accounts. I wonder if this means that the first lot of test (haha I make a funny) servers to get the update will be on the 25th?

  8. The pre launch servers have the new patch now. Wonder if that means all servers will get it following this weeks weekly maintenace?

    • Thanks for sharing. Yes seems like a very fast rollout, so indeed probably within 1 week all will have it.
      – COSMOS

  9. Astrology is same as archeology, you just change the loot type to collect shards for 30 attempts. The shards used to collect wishes. Again it is a long road to collect and activate zodiacs.

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