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TIPS to help fix lag problems in Wartune

Hey all! In this post I want to help people by sharing tips which may possibly help you to reduce lag problems in Wartune by a big amount (or at least a little bit)! If your Wartune lag goes down following these suggestions and reduces your frustration I hope you will be thankful and consider to support my work via DolyGames Patreon 🙂 but in any case, let’s get going, I hope to improve all players’ lives by reducing the annoying Wartune lag.

Wartune lag note

Before I get down to the tips I want to clarify that a huge fault for lag lies with the Wartune companies – not players. They have incompetent programmers managed by incompetent managers which end up producing pop up windows for which you have to wait 10-30 seconds just for the window to open (moronic E.Domain popup). So the vast majority of responsibility for lag problems lies with Wartune devs.

Below are things we can do as players to help improve the situation. So here we go with the tips – following points are in no particular order – you can do some or all:

Tip 1: Dedicated Clean Browser

We may not notice or remember but over time we (or people in our house) add various popups / extensions to browsers. Browsers get “heavier” for various reasons and, I don’t know all the technical stuff, but if you start running games in such browsers there is a higher chance for trouble.

So what to do? Install a 2nd clean browser only for Wartune. Most like you are using Chrome as your “normal” browser (Chrome has majority market share if i remember correctly) so in that case you can install Firefox, or Opera, or Nitro as your 2nd. I have mixed experience with Microsoft’s Explorer so I am not adding that as a suggestion but some people report good experience running Wartune with it. But I don’t like it because it was the only browser where I experienced “black freeze screens”.

And when I say “clean” I mean you do nothing else to this browser. It stays absolutely clean. You don’t go to other websites, you don’t download anything on it, you don’t customize it, etc.

Tip 2: Browser Type Matters!

In the crazy world of Wartune it seems like after every Patch a different browser works better. I don’t know if this is because they have new people writing new code on top of old code, or whatever the explanation might be, but I have seen it very clearly that during one Patch one of the browsers works much better for Wartune and then after a Patch update it becomes horrible but another browser starts working better.

So what to do? Have several browsers installed on your computer (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Nitro). Test to see on which one you have the minimum amount of lag (to be re-tested after every Patch update!). In general I seem to be using a “clean” Nitro most of all. It works best for me. While some of my guildies prefer one of the others.

Tip 3: Update all Drivers!

Make sure your computer is updated with the latest released of all important drivers such as Flash, Java, and much more. Usually there are problems on people’s computers because a lot of stuff has not been updated. You can do this manually or use dedicated programs (good ones that don’t break stuff cost money).

So what to do? At the very minimum check your flash version and check if your browser has any updates. I use a program called Driver Easy (I did pay for it) but it also has a free version where, if you have some IT knowledge, it help you do the installation manually 1 by 1. But there are free tools also, for example I remember seeing somewhere that the free Avast antivirus had added a Software Updater a while ago (i don’t know if it is free or not at present).

Tip 4: Wartune Settings – OFF

  • Turn off:
  • Environmental Effects
  • Skill Effects
  • (small effect – i don’t think it matters much) Building Names

Tip 5: Memory Eating Background Processes

Over the years I have met Wartune players who are downloading or watching streaming movies while playing Wartune and complain about lag. Of course this is silly. Anything “heavy” that’s running on your computer is going to slow down everything else. And it does not have to be downloads, it can be many things like an Antivirus program that starts running by itself in the background because you had put it on a schedule and forgot about it. It can be your computer doing backups or other programs checking for their updates, etc. There are many possibilities.

So what to do? Open your computer’s processes window (in Windows right click Task Bar and choose Task Manager. Sort by Memory Usage and/or CPU usage and see who is eating up all your memory. The bad / dirty way is to forcefully kill the “bad guys” but this can damage your computer especially if you don’t know what you are doing. The proper way is to open up the program in question and go to its settings and disable Auto-start so that it does not run always but only when you manually open it. If it is an Anti-virus you can go to it and change the schedule to your sleep hours (or any hours when you are not playing) or turn off auto-run entirely and just manually launch it once a week or something. If it is a name you don’t know – Google it and learn what it is. You have to be the Master of your Ship (or as much as possible).

Don’t be afraid of the long list of programs that you see are running on your computer. Just focus on the ones on top (after sorting) which are eating up all the memory.

Other Tips to reduce Lag that I heard

  • Some say turning off sound helps. I can’t tell because I have never had the sound on 🙂 After many years of playing I don’t wanna hear that thing (EVER!) 😀
  • When you right click inside Wartune window you can open the Flash Settings. In there you can remove the tick to stop the Hardware Acceleration. Again I never “felt” if this made a difference but there is no harm in ticking it off.
  • Some suggest to lower Flash quality but I don’t want to play an ugly thing, i.e. I don’t want to change the graphics. The only thing I do suggest to everyone is to stop using the very flashy mounts and use / ride mounts which are “clean” and don’t do any crazy effects.
  • Delete / clean cache / files (the support team’s best suggestion). Been there, done that, never felt a difference. I only felt this make a difference when they chance to Christmas decor and you still have the old decorations – if you clean your cache all of a sudden the Cloud City is new 🙂 or if you still see Christmas in summertime it might not hurt to clear your cache 😀

Other Lag Stuff which not everyone can do

  • Buying a (more) powerful computer
  • Paying for a very fast (or faster) internet connection. On this one note that you might be able to get a faster connection without paying (much) more. As the communication companies develop regularly they offer better plans for the same price but they don’t often bother to contact old clients. So if you just check with them once a year or once every 2 years you might be able to transfer to a stronger plan for free or by adding a couple of bucks only.

The worse a job programmers do in coding the game the more powerful PC / internet one needs to processes all the unnecessary poop they programmed. So even a horrible looking game doing very little can become a huge resource munching, lag generating, monster if it is badly designed.


By the way, all these tips can also help you with other applications / games, not only Wartune!

  1. Finally if you have any additional tips feel free to share in the comments below so that we can all help each other make our lives better / easier.
  2. And like I mentioned in the beginning, if you appreciate my work please consider becoming my Patron (every little bit helps) at DolyGames Patreon

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  1. All very sound advice that i have heard in other places except for the clean browser thing. Will have to try that one. Also, not wearing those clunky titles and flashy clothes that have special effects seems to help. One other thing would be to hide those wings

    • oh right i totally forgot about turning off clothing/titles, thanks for adding that

  2. I tried Mozilla Firefox to resolve issues with WarTune Reborn and all that I got was a black screen. Nothing would load as far as the game on Firefox. I tried to go onto the game and only the game on Firefox and got the black screen every time.

    • i see, thanks for sharing, maybe try Opera or Nitro

  3. One browser I was using a while ago and had very little lag was MAXXTHON browser, It’s a cloud-based browser so any lag experienced “to” that browser, get’s “cleaned up” some from that browser’s server passing along a better user experience. One other one was a chrome-based browser called Comodo Dragon, You can just google my suggestions and add them to your list if they meet your specs.

    • yes that’s Nitro 🙂 by Maxthon 🙂
      I have not used Comodo yet, thanks for adding the suggestion but I believe it is a Firefox based not Chrome based. Anyhow, it’s good to add as a suggestion and test it out.

  4. Try this client: (URL brov dot web44 dot net) – it is used by many Legend Online players and it now supports Wartune by R2 and Proficient City (experimental, but works). Many problems described above can be solved by proper caching and downgrading Flash Player. In the package is everything you need ;).
    EDIT BY COSMOS: Note that I am not responsible for other Wartune or non-Wartune websites/software.

    • Mod: please edit my previous comment 😉

      • Hi, yes I manually approved your original comment and added a disclaimer,

    • Yeah, right, I forgot to add that: use at your own risk ;). It is not COSMOS’ software. Anyway, it has like 1500 active users right now ;).

  5. All solid advice. The browser I’ve had the most luck with is SRWare Iron. It’s fairly similar to Chrome, but lacks the ability to mute tab. Since Wartune has some stuff you can’t mute (mostly as the game loads, but also those random bursts of sound during fights that somehow sneak past the in game mute function), the lack of ability to mute the browser tab itself can be annoying sometimes.

    • Hi, in Windows, you can right click on the sound icon and open the Volume Mixer. From that you can turn off the sound completely for any app such as a dedicated browser that you use for Wartune. I use that rather than turning off the sound in-game exactly due to the problems you describe of some weird sounds coming through.
      Hope that helps you,

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