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Max Talisman Enchant & Other Wartune Tips

Hi everyone! Here are 7 various Wartune tips & info on Talisman max, Event items, Exchanges, items and priorities. This is not supposed to be a comprehensive guide on any topic but just some tips/info and reminders.

1) Max Talisman Enchant = +36

So the maximum that you can enchant a Dragonchant Talisman is to +36. Thanks to Alexo for the email and screenie.
Here below I have blown up the little figure so we can see clearly:

2) Don’t forget Beryl 1 and Burning Torch

We have been gathering these for a bunch of days so make sure don’t forget to exchange all of them as the Lucky Exchange is finishing.

If you get stuck with them afterwords you are not going to be in a good shape.

I have had a ticket with the lame R2 Support regarding leftover items and they just say “thanks for your feedback” and now f-off. They don’t give a damn at all and this lame system they have implemented punishing people who might accidentally have a real life or real life problems is just very inhuman of them.

3) Terra Grass of the Dragonchant Exchange

All the data is showing extremely small amounts of Terra Grass from the Dragonchant Lucky Exchange. That said we might still go for it due to the Symbiosis Stones and the not-so-interesting other choices.

Here is an example of 2 x 201 event item exchanges, but you can also refer to the article I posted yesterday and look in the comments where people reported thousands. According to the data from others the 3 and 4 Terra Grass drops that I got are supposed to be “lucky” even *pukes*.

4) Eudaemon War Emblem Items

Since the last changes in Wartune it has been very difficult to get any regular Eudaemon War Emblem items to upgrade Willpowers to level 40. There are 2 sources that I use at present:

  1. Trying to be more active on the Eudaemon Patrol and going for 30 RES, 20-30 Warpath or 20-30 RES Reduction Essences.
  2. You can prioritize exchanging them in the Voyage feature for 250 Nautical Coin per 50 pieces

5) Keep pushing Endless Abyss

It’s easy to forget about Endless Abyss pushing as it is rather annoying with 8 long battles + re-try attempts but watch your BR and every time you notice that you get stronger by a good amount then go and try to push 1 more level deeper into the Endless Abyss.

As it is a free source of Will Gear it really does add up if you blitz it daily.

6) Choosing what to do in Wartune when you have Limited Time

If your time is limited then here are a couple of points:

  • Choose Basic Dimensions versus Archaeology
  • Choose Abyss / Vortex’s blitzing (which are much shorter in duration) versus others like any of the 3 Catacombs (Cata / Necro / Maze) or even Expedition.
  • Choose fast Insignia seeds only farming and skip the animals.
  • Do Lord’s Trial prayers immediately after logging in.
  • Do Hot Events / Exchanges versus most game activities

7) Consider to Help

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  1. If I got 2 block 1 crit as my talismans received from the initial quest, should I just start over on a new server? BR wise it would save alot more time by creating new characters until one receives attack and hp in order to kill the wolf and get more talismans than to continue without dragonchant.

    • Could always get a guildie (or friend on the server) to help you through a time rift

      • Dont you have to kill some bosses for the rifts to spawn?

      • You think new server without Talisman Atk which is right type of your char’s atk can kill the wolf ? I dont think so. So that better create a new char. Sori i’m bad at English.

      • party member can invite you to any rift they can access. also there was a hot event that could drop legendary talismans. But i guess it really depends how new you are whether its worth starting over. Hard to say that a toon with full 80 gear is worth a reroll when all you miss out on by waiting awhile to do time vortex is some exp talismans. (most everything else is first time rewards or prize from rifts that can be gotten if a friend hooks you up

      • My server is relatively new (slightly more than a week old) and I just hit 80 a few days ago. Gear is mostly non-legend level 70 with legend weapon. Currently around 500k br or so and strongest players are hovering around 2-2.5m br from chant.

      • after a bit of testing with my alt. (still wearing full 50 gear besides an 80 weapon, no halidom or artifact, tattoos worse for wear (its an alt i havent played in a long time) heres my experience… no talismans died in 3 hits then euda and troops (yes troops). put on a green pdef and hp talisman. could tank the boss but after several rages i had only done about 1/3rd dmg. just because… i ran my alt through a legendary rift, got 4 orange talismans (2 matk 2 crit… equipped the matk because why not…. didnt help my toon at all but my euda 3 shotted that wolf… thought it was an odd enough discovery to mention. Some other tips i would suggest, if at all possible get your halidom and artifact and put best gems on those. you only get 9% of regular gear stats, halidom and artifact you get full benefit. Also get full benefit from tattoos and anything non-gear related

  2. People often forget how important Endless Abyss is. I know players who still are in stage 8 with a Willpower wich has 13 mill BR. I pushed myself to stage 15 and even created a second Willpower so the battles are faster to do.

    Endless Abyss isn’t only a main source for willgears, it is also a good source for skill-scrolls. In stage 15 you get 105 willgears by only blitzing. Every once a week i try to get into the next stage so the amount of willgears i get per day is higher. It isn’t hard to do, it doesn’t take much time to try out. No player needs to slack on this. 😀

    Also, never let an attempt go to waste in Time Portal. Push the reset-button only when all sylphs are dead. Once you have all Holy-swords activated the blue orbs will be even more important for inscribing. Leveling inscriptions adds power in % so the powergains are very high. Treat the orbs as if they are made of gold and thus you want to get your hands on them as many as you can. 😛

    Endless Abyss and Time Portal can seem to be a grind but this is a grind you want to do, it is all worthed. 🙂

  3. One more thing, one shall never use red orbs for inscription. This is a golden rule, leveling HS on a sylph get’s very expensive and since it is hard to get the red orbs, you need to treat them like they are made out of diamonds. Leveling HS at some point takes up 800 of these puppies so go figure how long it takes to save up this amount. 😛

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