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Find 2015 and 36200 in the Wartune Lag

Hey guys, this fun post is dedicated to the not-so-loved lag we suffer from in Wartune due to horrible management and programming skills of the Wartune’s owners. I’ve created an image from a lag-filled Chaos War battle and turned it into a little game of “Can you find the numbers 2015 and 36200 in the Wartune lag?”

So, here you go (probably best if you enlarge the picture), let’s see if you can find them relatively fast 🙂 – let us know in the comments if it was easy or hard (i.e. if it took a long time or you found them quickly):

Difficulty tip: if you want to make this mini-game more difficult don’t enlarge the picture and try to find it on the small size 🙂

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  1. relativel easy, find both in like 2-3 min but maybe i just get lucky

  2. This looks like everything before the hide button came.

  3. Easy, like 1m for both. But I enlarged a picture.

  4. 🙂 hi find in 1min not hard. 🙂 ty for make fun page

    • in 30 sec

  5. this pic is not true
    have many same numbers on it
    and in wartune to make same 2 numbers is like imposible things to do

  6. real pic or not, its a perfect image to display to them their greatest source of lag, with outdated servers running a close 2nd and sloppy chopped up code coming in 3rd

    • I say lack of caching is 2nd – if we didn’t have to wait so long to load EVERYTHING, EVERY time we try do ANYthing…

      • yea, that ones big too, idk, i guess it can be tied for 2nd with upgraded servers. I know rt after a maint, i’m virtuously lag free, then as more log in, they bring the lag with it. That caching issue does suck bigtime too tho

  7. go to the bottom right 1/2 of right screen=36200 heal point.
    Bottom left 1/2 of left screen from that 1/2 go up about 1/4 and you will find the 2015 cover a little bit by 4095.
    That’s my guest

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