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New Feature – Wheel of Lag

Hey guys, I share with you exciting news of a new feature coming soon called the Wheel of Lag, displayed below, where we will be able to roll every day (1 attempt free daily just like Wheel of Fate) to see how much lag we will have that day with a small chance of winning NO LAG! Wohoo!

As you can see the spins of Wheel of Lag will include:

  • Lag x1
  • Lag x2
  • Lag x3
  • Lag x4
  • and the rare but most sought out “NO LAG”

The average is about x2.5 about of lag, so that’s what you gotta look forward to daily. But there is the possibility also to pay 30 Balens per spin to keep trying to get the NO LAG so that you can enjoy Wartune, which is then a Win-Win solution for the devs to get profit and for the player to be able to enjoy the game! 🙂

So, an amazing new feature and a brilliant idea from the devs! (see note below)

“The Note Below”: if you didn’t get it by now, this is 100% for fun and not real, just Cosmos trying to make people smile 🙂

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  1. lol

  2. I didnt beleive it from the first cuz i know they never do it lol

  3. Ha! I think you mean the biggest section is x4 lag!

  4. hahaha so funny……NOT

  5. lol see the button no lag is the smallest so very low probability to have no lag lol

  6. if u put some infos to ur side, be sure they are correct. u show the chinese version. others get other priority:
    no lag: smallest area (correct) rest goes from 1* lag (smaller one) to 4* lag (biggest section)

    some additional info:
    lag defines fps wich means: no lag: default fps of ur monitor; 1*lag doubles time = so half fps up to 4*lag wich cuts fps to 1/8.

    as u can see this shows one more time the incompetence of the wartune devs, cause the numbers let u think about lower multiplications than in reality

  7. oh my god… that’s so not funny…

  8. we all can be glad no dev will ever visit this site, otherwise this would be in the game just the next maintance

  9. this is totally stupid they would better try to fix the game running more properly and not have this stupid things ingame

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