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Tattoo Gift Piles (26 May 2016)

Hey guys, as you may have noticed we have Tattoo Gift Piles in the Cloud City which can be gathered up to 200 times. We had similar mini-events like this in the past, but they tend to be rather rare, probably because it takes extra work and/or approval for the operations team to implement them and nobody likes extra work 🙂

In any case, let’s have a look at the drops from these piles of gifts:

Tattoo Gift Pile drops

Update: Added 200 drop rate data from David to my 100 piles:

Items # Dropped % chance Total Quantity
20,000 gold 146 48.7% 2,920,000
10x Henna 79 26.3% 790
1x Pigeon 72 24.0% 72
10x Advanced Henna 3 1.0% 30
TOTAL 300 100.0%

So for 200 piles it should be around 2 million gold + around 500-700 regular henna + around 30-40 pigeons and 10-30 advanced henna.

Reward Log Examples


  • Did you like this mini-event?
  • Are you happy with the rewards?
  • Do you think the Wartune Team is doing a good job?

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  1. 1) yes and no, nice that they are implementing more places for adv henna but time waste to travel all around city
    2) would prefer more adv henna personally but im happy enough that the at least give some
    3)seems they are realising that they are loosing free and low casher player and now they will kinda try to avoid it

    • good points, thanks for sharing your opinion
      – Cosmos

  2. Cosmos changed guild? Not in sanctum anymore?

    • most old players from Sanctum have stopped playing, i was the only one left, I moved to this guild when CSGB came
      at present i am planning to move back to Sanctum when CSGB ends, but i will think about it

  3. i didn’t get any adv henna. some got 2 or 3 so its not the same for every one
    it’d be more nice if they double the rewards and only 100 piles

    • sorry to hear, getting none at all is a low chance, hopefully you have more luck the following day
      – Cosmos

  4. I got only adv henna once out of 200 times.

  5. Also, don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but there are places that if you click, it will take you to marriage guy.

  6. No,no, no. Lol

  7. 10 adv henna x 2 for 100. 2% your final conclusion is 3 x 10 adv henna per 200. That is 1.5%, not 2%… but is ok, we already used to your math mistakes.

    • Dear rude person,
      I have very clearly written in the table that 2 out of 100 is 2%. The table is based on 100 collected piles which is clearly shown in the TOTAL line.
      AFTER the table I estimated my expectation, which is based on my collected data plus what people on my server were reporting, so for 200 total allowance I wrote that I expected there to be 30 advanced henna.
      There is absolutely no mistake in any of my calculations in this or any other post. The only mistake is that you have forgotten what it is like to be a human being and speak to one another in a kind way and not try to hurt or bite someone for no darn reason.
      – Cosmos

      • Why u bother answering cosmos??!?!?!
        Anyone who doesnt know what 100% mean should go back to elementary school and start slicing pies like there is no tomorrow 😀

        i d wish to know why u dont answer other definitely-smarter replies/comments….. 😛 (i had few of mines going anaswered…and i wasnt event complaining 😛 )

      • Thanks for your support Laura
        If we missed a question from you, sorry, we are doing our best with all the messages we get – feel free to remind where we still need to answer

      • Yes. You have made some mistakes in your calculations in other posts and admitted it and corrected them.

    • 2% – 3% that is statistical uncertainty! you will (almost) ever have a diviation in your sample from the “true” parameter – so Cosmos did a good job!
      if you want to estimate the true parameter, you can use a ci then you have a 95% chance to catch the true parameter with your ci.
      but i would say, to much effort for this application!

  8. It’s certainly better than nothing. That being said, it doesn’t make up for the poor game management, outdated events with outdated rewards and huge imbalances.

  9. Btw guys these collections are sooooooooooo sooooooooooo USELESS!!!!!!
    U want gold? pop in to Sky Trail better rewards, same waste of time.

    10 / 20 hennas?? LOL is this a joke?
    lets imagine i keep on picking up every 200 chests daily for lets say…3/4/5 days? OK!
    So, how much will i improve my Tatoo n Adv Tatoo then (also compared to the time spent collecting this trash)???
    I dont need math for this, just common sense to answer…

    the only people collecting this trash is Cosmos just to be able to tell us how crap this event is 1, and 2 anyone else which doesN’T know much about wartune in the firstplace… 🙁 soooo sad

    • Well I guess it depends which character you speak about, I think for the people on the lower end trying to get to level 80 or grow their low BR this is very helpful (2 mil gold + 600-700 regular henna is about 30 extra attribute, etc)

      • yep….but what compared these gains to the amount of time you got to spend on that??

        this is no brainer..timewaste….

      • well if you think thats a time waste why play the game the entire thing is a time waste because and i will point this out in case you havent noticed lmao NONE of it is REAL lol

  10. 10x adv henna dont even giv u a chance to use it as minimum per click is 100….jeez r2…so stingy…

    after listening to players complained about their adv henna this is all they do?

    they really hope free players or lite cashers would play another 3 years? so is proven the game lack content to last another 3 years 😀

    • Yes it is true that it is not enough for 1 click 🙂 but I think for low BR players extra 30-50 attributes is good help, but for higher BR / longer playing players it is just a small piece of candy 🙂
      – Cosmos

  11. 1) yes i think i’ts a good event ’cause we can grow up faster than before and can drop advanced henna without cash as if it’s 10

    2) Me yes, for a lv 30, it’s a good thing we can accumulate all of these rewards for going lv 80 without a lot of problems

    3)They try to do what they can so i think yes but if they can put more players in my battleground it will be better ^^


    • I agree with you for most things you said except the last part. I think they can do a lot more to make the game more fun than the near-minimum work they are doing.
      – Cosmos

  12. Cosmos and team.i reading ur old blog and this site from beging.its help a lot in game.i am in wartune 3.5years
    I wos take break qbout 7mon.point to say cash ppl always wos top.i reamber in beging fashion cloth wos only for cash ppl.than gem scrolls.than mount.apollo hades.normal mahra.sepu…always wos somthing.i lose lot friends.but i get new friends.and we take fun.i am in top 100 br without cash.ok i can say thx to higer br ppl for helps.without cash we need think twice before invest gold .whips
    Its always saveing.Ur page is best way to learn.just keep with good work and keep smile and fun

    • Thanks Blasta. You are right, I also remember the same and so I also try to be fair and optimistic as much as possible.
      – Cosmos

  13. My result are:

    200 collections

    1 x Adv. Henna (0,5 %)
    43 x normal Henna (21,5 %)
    56 x Pigeons (28 %)
    100 x Gold (50 %)

    • Thanks David, I added your data to mine and updated the table and estimates.
      – Cosmos

  14. i’ve found 70 adv.henna in 400 collections . i’ve not have counted the others

    • so that’s 35 per 200, falls into our data range, nice 🙂

      • no no. i meant 7 times. are 70 adv.henna

      • 8 times on 600 . seems that with me is close to vale 3 each 200 collections.

  15. the use of this event is fixed to the time it will be on. the use when it ends lets say tomorrow ? no use at all, cause average player wouldnt even get enough advhenna to do 1 fkin tattoo. so this is only some kind of help for very low palyers (they get some gold, henna, birds)

    all others ? skip the event and tell r2 how their politics for henna, maybe they will do something when more players tell them, cause seems they are blind for their own game.

    wanna change the way they give events/rewards ? stop paying and tell them why stopped paying, not like big idiots that conplain each day in world/cross server chat and still keep paying. we have some of these mega dumb idiots on our server, just ridicolous. customers have power but only when stay together and show some brain

  16. its ok to pick up when ur already on the way, but extra go there ? sry waste of time

  17. 20 places to pick, respwan 20 minutes = useless takes 4 hours to collect all. some ppl have a thing called real life

  18. I am of two minds on this, it helps people without enough money to catch up a little. But to do so you need lots of time…which most people lack as well.

    You can do a circuit or two of picking while waiting for a friend to do DI or something. If you did a full 200, that’s like 3.5 days of henna harvesting, but most people can’t do the full 200

  19. would be nice if they gave more free adv henna like in the winning streak of the henna labs

    or in sky trail / slyph experdition

    or even tok nm

  20. My results are (130)

    Gold 59 (45%)
    Henna 40 (31%)
    Pigeon 30 (23%)
    Adv. Henna 1

    I appreciate your work Cosmos, keep on!

    • thank you for the kind words and sharing 🙂
      – Cosmos

  21. Wow ya’ll are just never happy are you? Getting the extra henna and cash is coming in handy although tedious to run around. I have been getting the Adv. Henna so loving that.
    I am not a casher anymore but I have kept my VIP. I hate a lot of the changes, especially Cloud Adventures. They have never done anything about the lag and the compensations are a joke. I could go on tallying up over 3 years of issues but why bother. The VIP rewards for level 9 really need to be updated with Soul Seals.
    At least they are throwing us a bone. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Sapphire Lvl 80 Mage
    Server:S551 Glass Mines

  22. 40 adv henna from all loot by getting 120-150 gift per day

  23. I run all 200 everyday, and have gotten both advanced and regular Henna. But lets look at this, IT IS FREE, so run around and collect all you can. If you buy the holiday blessing potion, you get more, I found it is worth the potion. This is a great mini, collection for Henna. The time it takes to run this is 5 min maybe. SO WHAT its FREE.

  24. I know this is old post from older event’s but now for the last 2 or 3 months (this is just an estimate-my old brain is starting to show my age-lol) I wish the current piles in cloud city dropped event exchange items but now they don’t, they give 3 bound balens-which I aint complaining about at all-thank you Cosmos and Ella for all u do to keep us informed

    • Thank you 🙂

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