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Wartune Events 1 May 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 1 May 2016:


Big Spender – 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
Daisy Chest
Daisy Clothing Chest Fire RES crystal
1,000 2 2 10 10 level 3
2,000 4 4 20 20 level 4
5,000 10 10 50 50 2x level 4
7,000 15 15 70 70 level 5
10,000 20 20 100 100 level 6
20,000 30 30 200 200 level 7

Titan War 12

Titan War 12 begins 3rd of May 2016.
Server time 19:55

Shop content is same as previous.

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  1. where is the stupid wrought iron drake mount and how do you get it?

    • That mount is in the daisy clothing chest.

  2. Give me acc Doly Plssss

    • Hi, we are not a bank of accounts. Please stop asking us to give you accounts.

  3. the mount is not in the daisy clothing chest. you are so full of sh*t.

    • the mount is in my pants, u want it? it might bite ya!

  4. yes it is. Look at the bottom of it.
    you cant trade chsest for it but you can open chest and hope to get it.

    • its could be r2’s new way of events. you can’t even buy enough boxes to trade for it. i.e. 1200 boxes but you can try your luck at 1200 to see if 1 drops..

      you can be the luck few that get it to drop at 10 boxes or less, but the odds are low.

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