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Tattoo Gift Pile Drop Rates (Apr 2017)

Hey guys, in this article I share with you drop rates / items from April 2017 Tattoo Gift Piles in the Cloud City which can be gathered up to 200 times per day. This report was possible thanks to data from Darkesttime – thank you! 🙂

So, let’s have a look at the drops from these piles of gifts:

Tattoo Gift Pile drops

Items # Dropped % chance Total Quantity
20,000 gold 551 51.0% 11,020,000
10x Henna 417 38.6% 4,170
3x Bound Balens 97 9.0% 291
10x Advanced Henna 15 1.4% 150
TOTAL 1080 100.0%

So for 200 gift piles collected in 1 day you can expect to receive around:

  • 2,040,741 gold
  • 772 regular henna
  • 54 bound balens
  • 28 advanced henna

If you do that each day for 5 days it adds up to:

  • 10,203,704 gold
  • 3,861 regular henna
  • 269 bound balens
  • 139 advanced henna

So it does add up to a bunch which is certainly helpful for any active players and/or lower BR players.


  • Do you like this mini-event?
  • Are you happy with the rewards?

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  1. Great Job M8

  2. Its nice adds up if u look at it like a monthly income.Also u can collect 40 if u know when they resapwn just wish maintenances dont mess up the timer 🙂

  3. im always lucky with getting the bb, around 100 dialy.

  4. ohhh very nicee , i think i’ll do it for bb as i no longer need henna
    it’s very hard to do the daily devotion , so i can replace by tatto gifs , will save time and effort

  5. Anyone still collects these?

    • yes a lot of people collect these, especially very active players

  6. eu acho a maior chatice fica coletando estas tattoo girft nunca da nada de diferente, por isso nem faço mais ( ^.^ )

  7. The piles have a server specific re spawn. If you can figure it out and time the re spawn you can get 2 rounds while using holiday potion which lasts 10 minutes.(drop amounts increased by 3x available for sale in flash sale.) They re spawn every 30 minutes at 23min after the hour and 7 min before the hour.At least on my server. Very helpful when trying to get henna for knighthood tatoos.

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