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Wartune Events 31 May 2016

Hey guys, 31 May 2016 is a big casher day in Wartune Events: there is a new kind of a mega spender event: Consumer’s Gift (Sylph) going up to 120,000 balens spending:

Consumer’s Gift (Sylph)

During the event, spend 60000 balens to receive:

  • Either Legendary Freya sylph seal
  • or Legendary Tyre sylph seal

During the event, spend 120000 balens to receive:

  • Either Legendary Thor sylph seal
  • or Legendary Frigga sylph seal

Big Spender 24 hours

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  1. No bbs for recharge = wont spent a cent more…
    (if bbs were in events too, i could have spent 60k to get tyre sylph (and get extra freya for free) But i would want those 90k bbs to use on skills for example.

    • i pity your waste (or willing-to-waste) money.

      i now truly believe wartune Dev are doing A GREAT job!! Since 1 stupid-casher can keep a whole server running by itself (cost-effectiely for them).

      and when i mean stupid, i mean STUPID. and i can explain you why i say this:
      the game is going down the hill and EVERYONE should do its best NOT to spend money in such time where the game is completely ON STALL!!!

      i bet you have nothing more to do, just doing BG and other pvp events.

      again, i pity you and all of you taking those choices mentioned above by you. (B OR BB included/excluded, thats does NOT matter at all)

  2. I have a question about merged sylphs. since merged sylphs (lets just take Odin for example) use both light and dark skills, therefore one would think it uses both magic and physical attacks. What are the effects of patk and matk divinity and armor refinements. Do you need both? I’v never seen any write ups on configuring these sylphs. Should I split them and have both or does it really matter?

    • for sylph gear on ODIN: mattack and pattack, also use pattack and mattack divinity souls. It counts both, magic and phisycal dmg.

  3. Do any of you think that the powers-that-be are trying to phase out bound balens?

  4. I think they are removing bound balens. This current recharge rewards is the first I have seen that does not give bound balens back in return. Instead we have pack A or B, neither of which has BB as an option.

    • nice avatar

  5. 1 more step to kick all free and low cash players from game, should make it clear and skip the “option” to be vip and turn it into musthave stead of pissing all the free and low cash players.

    time to leave

  6. let’s see. 30 dollar recharge netted:
    30 mythic forge packs
    90 gold sacks
    50 lighter chests
    350 adv mahra
    400 adv sepu
    level 5 diamond
    level 5 res crystal
    130 beast souls
    level 6 diamond
    level 6 res crystal
    75 talent stones
    75 wraith stones
    450 adv henna
    level 5 div soul
    level 6 div soul
    3 mil gold
    plus whatever day you were in on the daily recharge event.

    All in all could cash in 2 gift packs, 4 recharge rebates and 3 events.

    I was fine without the bbs’s this time.
    if it becomes a pattern, we’ll see. (and not doubting that it might. Just was a good haul imho)

    • I agree. The items I am getting for the recharges are pretty much what I am using bb’s for anyway. Since getting KH all bb’s go to talens and titans.

  7. The powers that be are trying to remove free players. Their idea of a perfect world would be half a dozen servers packed with nothing but cash players.

  8. Whey would better say spend 1200 dollars to get these sylphs .

  9. Even though I will never pay for anything in this game I am glad they are giving now a merged sylph seal “for free”. It just means that, as usual, with times things come by cheaper and even for free. Maybe in 6 months we see merged sylph exchanges for free players to achieve.

  10. Lol what a joke, 120k balens only for 1 slyph?
    With it we can have twice with a little patience

    • with 120k u can have 4merged sylphs 😛

      • No, only 2.

  11. Hey Cosmos guess who?:P paps here, see you doing great job, i visit your page from time to time.

    Didnt miss the game much since i quit, see you around bud

    • Hey Pap,
      Seeing your name made me smile. I hope you are doing really well, wish the best for you.
      Thanks for taking a moment to post a comment. Contact me anytime.
      Warmest wishes,

  12. hi i recharj 120k balen and i get loki+thor ^^ but all of my money is Finish

    • Thanks for the comment, it made me smile 🙂
      – COSMOS

  13. So no point in doing dungeons and quests or even wasting time in dimensions. You can just cash your way straight to the top. Seems pretty f’d up, and shows the game has really gone to crap. In a few months game will only be a few big cashers chasing each others credit cards. Pointless to stay now for low/no cashers.

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