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Talisman Options and Combos Analysis

Hey Everyone! In this post I show you the illustration for Dragonchant Talisman options available to us and discuss with you the various combinations that are possible to choose from.

We start with the illustration I have prepared to easily and visually show what possibilities exist.

Each slot marked from 1 to 6 can actually hold only 4 types of talismans and not all types and this is also what dictates restrictions on sets / combinations.

Talisman Options Illustration:

We have 6 types of Talismans:

Talisman Type 2 piece set bonus 4 piece set bonus
GHOUL MDEF %10% 10% chance to boost damage on enemy by 50% for 3 turns
SPECTER Increase DMG 10% 10% chance to prevent enemy having buffs for 3 turns
SUNLIGHT Increase Crit DMG 30% 10% chance to ignore debuffs on self for 3 turns
MOONLIGHT HP +10% 10% chance to increase all RESIST by 50% for 3 turns
AEGIS PDEF +10% 10% chance to reduce enemy Awakening Points by 350 on attack
RESURGENCE +15 Rage after Attack 10% chance to share 30% of damage received with main Eudaemon

Players who want a 4 set Talisman bonus

If you want to have one of the 4 set bonuses this immediately restricts your choices like this:

4 set chosen Locations Remaining Locations
GHOUL 1, 3, 4, 6 2, 5
SPECTER 1, 2, 4, 5 3, 6
SUNLIGHT 1, 3, 4, 6 2, 5
MOONLIGHT 1, 2, 5, 6 3, 4
AEGIS 2, 3, 5, 6 1, 4
RESURGENCE 2, 3, 4, 5 1, 6

Can we have 3 x 2 set bonuses? YES

From the 2 set bonuses the least interesting are PDEF and MDEF because they are very specific, although one could argue that they can be used to strengthen the weaker defense of the character. That said, the most interesting combination is probably:

  • SPECTER: Increase DMG 10% – for example locations / slots 1 + 2
  • SUNLIGHT: Increase Crit DMG 30% – for example locations / slots 4 + 6
  • RESURGENCE: +15 Rage after Attack – for example locations / slots 3 + 5

This combination gives guaranteed benefits maximizing attack (rage can be seen as increased attack as it allowed more powerful skills to be cast).

Or if the plan is to go to sylph mode asap then one could switch the RESURGENCE with, for example, MOONLIGHT HP +10% in which case the HP would be set on slots 5 + 6 while SUNLIGHT would be moved to 3 + 4.

4 set Talisman bonus vs 2 sets

When choosing between one 4 set bonus and one 2 set bonus versus 3 x 2 set bonus one should consider the following:

  • If you like guaranteed benefits then 2 set bonuses are better because you benefit every turn from them.
  • 2 set bonuses also directly affect Battle Rating if there would be a need to have a higher BR (e.g. benefit for Eudaemon / Willpower).
  • 4 set bonus have interesting benefits but they all have 10% chance. This means that you should expect to benefit from them 1 time every 10 turns. So if you will have a long battle then these become more interesting because in short battles they might never activate.
  • Some 4 set benefits are very useful in specific cases. For example having protection from debuffs for 3 turns also protects you from receiving the multi-million damaging bleeding effects from bosses, but you might have to fight many times to have this benefit activated at that specific battle turn.

What sets to top BR players wear?

Sometimes it is good to have a look at what other players choose, but the problem with this in this case is that top BR does not necessarily mean a good player, so for talismans, if you are going to look at others, I suggest looking at someone who people know as a good / smart player. That said, let’s just for fun have a look at the top 5 BR on my cross server section:

TOP BR’s Chocies in my Server’s Cross Section

Player ~BR 4+2 or 2+2+2 Types chosen
Isabel 64m 4+2 4 GHOUL + 2 AEGIS
Rork 60m 4+2 4 GHOUL + 2 RESURGENCE
StormDragon 49m 4+2 4 GHOUL + 2 AEGIS
Nemesiss 48m 4+2 4 GHOUL + 2 SPECTER
Skullebone 44m 2+2+2 2 RESURGENCE + 2 SUNLIGHT + 2 MOONLIGHT
Opal 42m 4+2 4 GHOUL + 2 SPECTER

So as you can see the 4 GHOUL is a popular choice.

Is 4 GHOUL Talisman a good idea?

When you choose to go for 4 set GHOUL talismans then you are taking the locations 1, 3, 4, 6 which means that you cannot have 2 SUNLIGHT (30% more Crit damage). This is why you see players choose 2 SPECTER (+10% damage) or 2 AEGIS (10% PDEF) to boost their weaker defense.

So the players who are choosing 4 GHOUL are taking that versus the 2 SUNLIGHT which I think is the wrong decision. 50% additional damage provided by GHOUL is very nice, but the chance of activation is low (10%), so we would get that 1 time per 10 battles for 3 turns. Furthermore, perhaps at that exact time the enemy can use counter-measures to reduce the effect such as using a rune or going into sylph mode. The 2 SUNLIGHT however will permanently and guaranteed increase the Crit damage by 30% and therefore I believe this to be superior to the 4 GHOUL.

Conclusion & Discussion

I hope you guys liked this big article and that it helps you to become smarter and stronger. Please do like/share or if you are able to support my work via Patreon to help me pay my monthly costs and keep working.

So, as I already mentioned I personally prefer guaranteed benefits and specifically the maximum attack combination that I wrote in the article. However, that said, I will switch temporarily to a different combination versus a specific boss if I need a specific buff or benefit. I think it is important to be flexible and remember that these are all tools for us to adapt and apply in the right situation. That said, we do need to commit to enchant a specific combo that we like so I will most likely do what set I mentioned.

Are you planning to go for a 4+2 sets or 2+2+2? Which types?

If you have additional tips related to talismans or feedback to my article please put your thoughts in the comments below and everyone can discuss.

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  1. Excellent breakdown and analysis. I agree. TY

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you for your excellent work. Do you have any idea what are the maximum stats/levels for Symbiosis and Talisman Exp? Thanks again.

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ no sorry I do not know the max (don’t have the resources to get there to check)
      – COSMOS

      • Level 36 is max for talisman exp

  3. hmmm, Wartune is a very intrygy game and i think we need to check how often this buff is activated. Thanks Cosmo i know what i am going to do on sunday evening lol

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Excellent, Thanks Cosmos

    • thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have 2 sunlight 2 spectre and 2 moonlight because that is the orange ones I got they give me magic attack and Crit on sunlight -def and block on spectre and hip and Medford on moonlight sun 1 and 3 spec 2 6 moon 4 and 5

    • Tried to change the slots but it appears they are set for whichever skill you have rather than type of talisman

  6. very good article ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Excellent work!! So here’s what I still wonder.

    Does the talisman choice for a given spot (ignoring the pairings) affect the boost to regular armour through symbiosis?

    I.e. Should we strive, if possible, to have the MATK/PATK talisman on the weapon slot?

    • If your toon is an archer or knight, you want the patk talismans. If you’re a mage, you want the matk talismans.

      • I don’t think u understand the question. The question was about symbiosis affecting regular armor. U can’t change stat slots as they are permanently set & I believe the same goes with symbiosis. The helmet corresponds with the ATK talismans, not the weapon so if u want to focus on more ATK then u should lvl up the symbiosis helmet

    • Naturally we want as high % as possible but I would not sacrifice actual stat gain by taking the wrong attack type just to have a little bit higher Symbiosis %
      – COSMOS

  8. Tested res reduction against worg lair in time vortex and I just don’t get it. I used only 1 lv 4 res gem and another lv 3 one at the same time. If i used water res I get 6% reduction in combat, if I use fire I also get 6%. Anything else will give me 1% except electro res which for the same 1lv4 gem and 1 lv3 gem it gives me 11% res reduction in combat!! I just don’t understand. I have an electro sylph so right now my guess it’s that it’s based on my biggest res element. Maybe you can help me understand this res system a bit better, thank you.

    • That is standard for non-elemental damage, which is most attacks except for sylphs. Your highest resistance is used most of the time, which is part of the reason why sylph attacks can be so dramatically more powerful, as they may use a significantly lower resistance value.
      So it’s a good idea to focus on making one element’s resistance as high as you can, then putting the rest into whatever elements are hitting you the most often.

      Also note that Sky Trail bosses are elemental, so you can get farther if you shift your resistance to match the boss element.

      • Thanks for the info

  9. This is great info and analysis, thank you very much!

    I don’t know why anyone would go for the 4-set bonuses, they’re basically all inferior to the 2-set bonuses, especially with the limitations on what sets you can have in addition to the set of 4.

    • thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. pdef since mages have a lack of pdef comparing to the mdef of archers/knights specially now with the artifact that takes away a part of the pdef as well ..think the dev’s playing knights/archers

  11. A very good article and well written ( think I need to join cosmos membership). Anyway I chose 4 + 2 sets, Aegis was an absolute must for the increase in pdef with me being a mage class. Using a Thor at 3.5 mill the damage is insane and reflects can be pretty nasty and that’s why I chose the 4 Ghoul set and not the automatic +10 % damage or crit buff.

    • Thanks for appreciating my work and please don’t say membership as I do not have that – I have Patrons / supporters who support me in gratitude of my years of continuous work and the fact that I have to pay every month to keep this blog running and I try to give various extra advantages to them as a bonus or thanks. the most popular of which are my Patron Exclusive articles.
      I really do sacrifice a lot both in time and money for this blog and people so need all the support I can get.
      – COSMOS

    • share some patk! lol

  12. Hi, is the effect of the talismans (+30% crit dmg,etc) only works if you are in dragonchant mode?

  13. great article. i went 2 sunlight, 2 spectre, and at the moment 2 moonlight but will probably go back to 2 resurgence for max attack.

    • Thanks for appreciating my work ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. hillo GM how can we open the wartune games.. coz the server i cant see.. what happen GM.. in server 34 east..i want to play..

  15. i run 2x sunlight, 2x moonlight, 2x specter .. was thinking of swapping 2x moonlight for 2x resurgence but i’m lvl 200 clothing so the rage ain’t needed so stuck with the moonlight for 10% hp boost.

    (43 million BR archer)

  16. question! lets say I have ghoul matk lvl 9 and want to change to sunlight matk. Is there any chance to engulv current lvl 9 talisman to a next talisman?

  17. What’s the deal with players leaving the server if they don’t get the desired ghoul patk/matk talisman? Is the talisman a random drop, final and binding or can you change it again in time?

    • Hi, first time i hear that anyone leaves the server due to a talisman ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes talisman type & attributes are generated randomly every time a chest is opened but since we can get at least 4 gold chests per day then normally most active players have tons of talismans.
      – COSMOS

      • How da heck do you get 4 gold chest a day? At my BR, I am only a few areas into the Time Vortex, and blitzing that only gives EXP talismans, not regular ones.

  18. is there a video on the whole talisman process? how to setup, experience, symbiosis etc?

    • Yes I usually have articles and/or videos about everything, feel free to search on this blog and my YouTube channel.
      Wartune Guide Dragonchant TALISMANS (Engulf, Enchant, Choice, etc): //
      Best of luck,

  19. just a note, in the diagram for the slot numbers, 4 and 6 are reversed from what they are in the game. The game has 4 in the top position and 6 in the bottom.

  20. wrong explaination .. number of sets isn”t wright

  21. I feel its smart what you wrote in article, but strange thing is I use 4 moon to get 50% resistance and its 10% only but that 10% is like 50% too. Have tried it and it appears too often so I feel 10% is a lie maybe.

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