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Choosing Best Magic Potions Options

Hey everyone! In this article I want to discuss/share about the best options we have for Magic Potions – Wartune event mini-item of April 2018. Hopefully this post will help Wartune players make the best decision for their characters and/or discuss with each other in the comments below.

I am not going to go over all exchange options but only the ones which I think are interesting, which I recommend players to consider.

Note: before doing direct exchanges always check what options there are in the Lucky Exchanges.

Our best choices for Magic Potions:

Double checking Lucky Exchanges

  • We have a “standard” exchange for clothing items mostly (per 30 chests). Here make sure you have 1 of each clothing to secure the “design”.
  • We have a newbie Eudaemon exchange. This is good only for very low BR players.
  • We have a Willpower exchange. Normally this is a decent one but with the upcoming patch I think it can be skipped (+ the rare item requires 200 chests).
  • We also have the Ancient Beast exchange – here I’d recommend to do at least the 20 “free” exchanges for a low chance to get the mount. Although I personally never got a mount from this I know some other players did get lucky and get one.

On my character after getting 1 of each clothing design and the 20 mount attempts I had exchanged around 200 Magic Helmets  into 2000 Magic Potions  during the 999 exchange option few days ago.

Using the Magic Potions:

Here is how I used / exchanged my Magic Potions:

  • Tattoo Exchange: 100 Magic Potions = 10 “chests” = 300 Charge Fragment (max 10). I used 1000 to get 3000 Charge Fragments. This was especially useful to my character since I stopped doing Titan Temple due to lack of time.
  • Regular Exchange: 10 Magic Potions = 1 Clothing Shard (max 10). 100 went to get 10 Clothing Shards. I ALWAYS take this option since these shards are hard to gather nowadays.
  • Regular Exchange: 10 Magic Potions = 1 Symbiosis Stone (max 99). 990 went to get 99 of Symbiosis Stones. I do this because our daily 4 stone income is not sufficient.

So far with the above 3 options + the 200 for Ancient Beast I used 2290 Magic Potions. At this moment I have still 1020 left and I can still exchange 99 Magic Helmets for 990 more (I have 451 chests still), which I probably will. What will I do with the rest?:

  • The remaining Magic Potions I will use on the Regular Exchange 15 Magic Potions = 2 Clothing Refinement Stones (max 1000) = a.k.a. 150 Magic Potions = 20 Clothing Refinement Stones. So I will probably do 134 exchanges of this costing 2010 Magic Potions to get 268 Clothing Refinement Stones. These will help me refine my clothing during the relevant events (when I choose to participate – not always!)


  • Was this article useful for you to make choices for your Wartune character?
  • Will you choose similar options like me or will you do something else with your event items?
  • Do you have any other suggestions for Wartune players for this or similar events?

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  1. I also just noticed that we have a new exchange for holy forge items, exchanging mini-event items (magic potion) for vulcan clamps and vulcan stithy (which I always find myself in shortage since you need loads to fully upgrade all red gear). Thanks Cosmos for the articles!

    • 🙂

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