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Star Tear and Sepulcrum Dimension Offers

Hey guys, while a number of things in Wartune are great, in this article I want to highlight the poor performance of the Wartune’s Operations and Dev Team in generating sales with totally outdated and uninteresting offers in Dimensions.

It is important that such things are fixed because it is in majority the cashers who support Wartune and allow everyone to enjoy the game. And also because fake information creates bad image for the game towards the players.

Example 1: Star Tear “special” offer

Here is them selling 1 Star Tear at a so-called massive 60% discount for a price of 600 balens.

This shows that people managing this specific area of the game are totally unqualified and not knowledgeable about Wartune whatsoever. There are several issues about this offer:

  • Any player knows that this 60% discount is total fake marketing. This undermines the game and puts other genuine discounts under mistrust.
  • Nobody in their right mind would pay 600 balens for this item. In fact nobody would buy even 1000 of these for 600 balens.
  • Finally, a lot of players are literally throwing these items away and would not even give a single balen for them.

Example 2: 50 Sepulcrum

This one with sepulcrum is bad, but at least it is not as bad as the Star Tear. At least there might be some player out there out of a million who would buy it, but most likely nobody buys this either.

  • Again the fake 60% discount displayed.
  • Again a silly price for something that you can get by killing a couple of mobs right next to this square.
  • And again an item that a lot of players just get rid of by feeding useless sylphs just for event rewards.

Final words

The strange thing is that these stupid offers have been going on for a very long time. One would think that perhaps there was a mistake or a miscalculation for a short period of time and it would be fixed relatively soon, but Dimensions were introduced in patch 4.0 i believe in April 2015 and at present we are in November 2016, so it is more than a year that they are not doing their job.

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  1. LOL..these “shops” in dungeons with these “offers” are doing it to portray highway robbers or swindlers imo. Any person who actually buys from these dim. stores deserve to lose their money tbh since they are so ridulous and are ofc located in the Most Boring thing about Wartune imo. So in this case I would just let it go. Your argument for recharge being no accurate do have merit but these are supposed to trip up the uninformed I think.

  2. zzzzz ….. you forgot a useless Video for that …..

  3. One thing to note is that many people are mistaken about what the discount means. Rightfully so using USA terms, but I’m guessing they handle it differently in China. When they say 60% discount… they mean the price is at 60% of the normal price (meaning a 40% discount). That is why things at hidden merchants are cheaper than the same thing at a regular merchant. Hidden merchants offer a “20%” discount. Which actually means it is 20% of the original price (or a 80% discount). So hidden merchants give better deals, but you wouldn’t guess that at first glance.

    Not saying that makes the items above worth the price (no way). Just saying it is one issue that makes it even more confusing. The should update what is offered and what they cost.

  4. none of the special offers wherever they emanate are value for money, so you just have to get enough bound bales to buy the useful stuff as long as they are not normal bales only of course.

  5. Not it is ridiculous but it can be accidentally clicked as it suddenly pops up and we loose balens

  6. what about exp books in guild altar? Who use them still? Atleast in dimensions they “pop out” for free in guild altar you pay gold for exp books

  7. got ripped off on treasure lode bought 20 k balens the pay back was suppose to be daily 15k bb and 4 k balens , daily now they changed it to 800 balens and 6 k bb ,, sent in ticket but dont expect any action , kind of stealing isnt it ūüôĀ

    • No, for a 20k balens lode, you get back 30k bb and 4k balens split over 5 days. That’s 6k bb and 800 balens per day.

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