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Trick to avoid mobs in dimension

Hey guys, here is a small trick from Yggdrasil (thanks!) to help everyone to avoid those pesky little mobs ruining our daily dimension tasks. It is not a guarantee that this will work for you, but normally (with practice) this works if you follow the rules exactly.

  1. If you accidentally click to move on the square where there is a Reaper / mob (shown below in square #1) then:
  2. You can click fast on one of the 3 locations marked as #2, which were among your original choices.
  3. You must try to catch / do this while your character is moving or has not arrived yet to the destination #1 with the mob in which case your character will change direction and avoid the mob.

Trick to avoid mobs in dimension

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  1. Btw that ESCAPE key trick is real useful i use it everyday and i can conquer a whole advanced dim in 30 minutes with 1-1.5k energy to spare. and if we use that trick on eudaemon hidden flipcard gaurantee is that u will avoid death. and on offerings purple/orange one of them is mailed.And adding to the escape key if u press in mob fight u will get the rewards mailed and energy will not consumed for flipcard but u still get the rewards 1/2 part for reward energy will be consumed on 2nd or 3rd step works on 50% possibility

    • Yes, but let’s not shout too much about the faster way of doing it or they will make our life harder again

  2. You can also close the browser / client before a skill is chosen in the combat. If you do that, the combat terminates and when you log back in, the mob will still be there with the square uncovered. So be careful not to step on it or auto-path over it.

  3. Also it may work if you refresh before the battle sceen loads, sometimes it work

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