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100% Dimension Exploration and Research (32 Dimensions)

Hey guys, in this article I share with you the research and results from 32 Basic Dimensions where a 100% complete exploration was done for the purpose of gathering data to learn about dimensions in Wartune and what secrets / treasures we should expect from each of them. Before jumping into the awesome results, I want to give a big thanks to Paul for the exploration and sending me the data.

On the below illustration I have made a summary from all Paul’s data and I show that:

  • Half of all Basic Dimensions will have at least one Eudaemon event (hidden).
  • Half of all Basic Dimensions will have at least one White Chest, most of which will be Bounty Scrolls.
  • About 1 out of 10 Basic Dimensions will have a Normal Bound Balen Mine.
  • And NONE will have any Offerings whatsoever! Update: People reported / gave feedback that Offerings do exist in Basic Dimensions, so just did not happen in this data set.

For the purpose of this research we confirm that every single non-mob / non-reaper spot on all 32 dimensions have been opened. All silly Secret Merchant spots have been ignored, so none of them are in the data / report. If by any chance it might be important all 32 dimensions were of Water Element.

Results of 100% Dimension Exploration

Complete Dimension Exploration and Research (BASIC)

Wartune Gameplay 100% Dimension Exploration and Research

And if you want to see an example, here is Cosmos’s video of doing a full exploration of a Basic dimension with explanations:


So I think with this report we got the Wartune’s Basic Dimensions researched and covered. I was quite disappointed to find out that there are practically no Offerings in Basic dimensions – it would be great to give at least Lesser Offerings to lower level players who do these. The bound balen mines were also a disappointment with just 1 in 10 from a 100% exploration, so if players don’t fully explore the chance is even less and this is only a normal mine, so no higher rarity. The White Chests and Eudaemon events on the other hand are totally like I would expect, I think it’s more or less correct / fair.

If anyone else wants to support with Wartune dimension research, we are done with Basic I think, but we welcome good quality data from Int / Adv / Expert Dimensions. If someone has the means and the time to gather – send me an email.

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  1. 32 basic dimensions and no offerings, funny… i opened 3 last week and got 4 offerings so… ask yourself why or idk maybe your data is not always accurate

    • thank you, updated the article saying that Offerings do exist in Basic Dimensions, so just did not happen in this data set.

  2. CommentYES in basic dimension have offering anytime have 2 offering in 1 basic dimension

    • thank you, updated the article saying that Offerings do exist in Basic Dimensions, so just did not happen in this data set.

  3. Commenti want say sometimes in basic dimension have 2 offering

    • thank you, updated the article saying that Offerings do exist in Basic Dimensions, so just did not happen in this data set.

  4. Its a rare thing but i found 3 mines in one dimension. It was an expert Light dimension and i found 2 rare and 1 normal mine.

    • sweet

  5. I figure with a recent patch to fix things rarity dropped for ALL dimensions. Before You can get Offering Chest 1 per difficulty dimension (more with Advanced and Expert) and now Offering Chests are about rare as the mines themselves!

    • ya and they did it silently too, didn’t have the balls to announce it honestly in the patch notes

  6. I got 2 offerings in 1 basic dark dimension. 1 ancient and 1 basic. All offering events always need card draw, so there is no such thing basic dimension only gives lesser offering.

    • That is incorrect.

      I have found Ancient Offerings in Basic dimensions.

      It is, of course, absurdly rare.

  7. I’m curious. Are you more likely to get a balen mine in higher level dimensions?

    • I believe, answer will be “yes”. But, there is some notes.
      See my thoughts below.
      Let’s assume, probability for a balen mine on each square is 0.0001 (one per 10000 squares), So, basic dimension will not have a mine with a probability of (0.9999)^((9*14-20-2)*5)=0.95 – almost always.
      On the other hand, expert dimension not have a mine with a probability of (0.9999)^((20*20-50-3)*30)=0.35, so one out of three.
      You see, probability itself do not change, only the number of squares do (520 possible squares in basic, 10410 in expert).

  8. usually, offerings are far more common than mines: if you use all your energy, avoiding to fight trials, you can get an offering each day or even more. mines you get 1 each week maybe.
    offering are never hidden, so it’s more easy to find them.
    exploring each tiles to search mines it’s boring and even if it gives more BB, not worth the time spent.

  9. I did 3 + 3 basic dims yesterday and got 4 offerings. one basic, 2 lesser and one ancient. And I have noticed that about every other basic dims drops offerings

    • Could it be that after the September 2015 patch 5.0 they increased the rate of offerings in Basic? :S
      Or you are just super lucky? 🙂

  10. I have a question that is driving me crazy with dimensions. on some levels of basic dimension I clear the entire floor (step on every square) and defeat all. mini map shows no black spaces left but the event count still shows one event left? this has happened on many floors in different dimensions. is there a reasson why it would still say 1 event left for that floor? Any info would be much apreciated.

    • hi, sometimes this happened to me also and i could not find an explanation – i actually thought that this means that there is a specific hidden event like a mine, but i was unable to prove this theory

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